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Welcome to Dosbarth Gwyn's class page I am really looking forward to working with all of the Reception pupils over the Summer Term.

Our new topic 'Land Ahoy' will involve us investigating in and above the oceans.




Looking forward to all of our adventures that we can share with you .

Mrs Learne Harris

Dosbarth Gwyn Letter April 2021

Week Beginning April 12th

WOW!!!!! We have had such a busy first week in Dosbarth Gwyn. The children have loved playing with out Seaside Café and creating ice creams and treats. We have been using money , recognising coins and shopping, we recapped work on our number bonds and worked on our addition and subtraction skills.

Our book in literacy has been Commotion in the Ocean , we worked on the rhyming words and wrote some of our own, we also wrote descriptively about some of the creatures that live in the ocean.

We made some kites and windmills to remind of the importance of the wind especially during Pentecost. Lots of facts were learned about sea turtles, did you know they live to be over 100 years old?

We discussed and created our own sea creatures to add to our underwater class display. Lots of fun was had outside playing with the parachute and playing 'sharks'.

Fun , friendship and ice cream a perfect start to a new term.





So excited to see what next week brings!!!!!!!


Week Beginning April 19th

What another busy week in Dosbarth Gwyn we read the story of The Snail and the Whale.



We wrote questions that we thought the characters might ask each other, we also used pictures from the story to help us and write and discuss the adventure that they went on around the world.

In maths we looked at the size of different animals and used cubes and rulers to measure them.

We also had great fun using the Bee Bots to look at direction and turn we even became Bee Bots ourselves and our friends gave us instructions to follow.



We also looked at food chains and habitats and had fun in the sun !!!!!

Week Beginning April 26th

This week we have done some lovely activities on our school book "Only One Me" we talked about our friends and why they are so important, we drew pictures of them and made friendship bracelets.

We played games and took turns.


Da iawn Dosbarth Gwyn

Mrs Harris

Week Beginning May 4th

This week we read the lovely story of Captain Franks Treasure. We drew our own maps to help us find the treasure chests. We wrote about our own treasures and discussed things that are precious to us . In maths we looked at positional language, we went over the mountain, through the forest, up the volcano and across the bridge to find X marks the spot.