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Dosbarth Melyn

Croeso i Dosbarth Melyn!


Welcome back to all our children. We have had a fantastic few weeks settling in and learning our new routines. We know how tired the children have been after a long week in school therefore please allow plenty of rest in the evenings and over the weekends. 

Class Information

Please make sure all uniform is labelled as we are finding a few jumpers and cardigans without names. We have been encouraging the children to put their jumpers/cardigans in their bags so that none are lost or taken by someone else at the end of the day. Please check your child's bag to make sure that your child has taken their own clothes home. 

We will be doing outdoor learning on Friday afternoons. As the weather is lovely at the moment, they will not be wearing wellies. However, once the weather changes your child will need wellies in school (please label and put them in a plastic bag). 

Water Bottles
Your child needs a water bottle every day. We have a jug of fresh water in class to refill bottles and/or give your child water if they have forgotten their bottle. Please label your child's bottle. 

Please give your child a piece of fruit or veg for their morning snack. Again, please label it or put it in a labelled container. If you child has a yogurt, please give them a spoon. 

We are currently not teaching full PE sessions and therefore they do not have a set PE day. We will be doing activities, such as yoga or wake and shake. You can put your child in their PE kit on any day of the week.

Seesaw Home Learning
Please make sure you have logged into your child's seesaw account. We will be setting tasks next week to support their learning at home. If you have any problems logging in, please email Mrs Sims or the office. 

Bug Club
We will be starting Bug Club shortly. If you have any problems logging in please email Mrs Sims or the office so we can help you. Due to the current situation, your child will not be bringing a reading book home. They will be reading in class on a weekly basis and comments of their progress will be posted onto their seesaw account. 


We have recently noticed that the children are bringing toys/objects from home into school. We have asked the children to keep them at home for health and safety reasons. Please remind your child to keep toys at home. 

Lastly, we wanted to say a big 'thank you' to all the parents for your support, patience and kindness throughout the first couple of weeks. The children have settled in so well and we extremely proud of them. Thank you smiley


Mrs Sims and Mrs Hughes


Learning WB 21.09.2020

This week we will be looking at the story 'Rapunzel' by Bethan Woollvin. The children will be looking at Rapunzel's plan to escape the tower by creating their own alternative ending. As we have been learning about adjectives, the children will have the opportunity to use lots of descriptive language in their writing. 

Last week, we have been learning two sounds.
ay - May I play? (may, play, stay, way, spray, clay).
ea - A cup of tea (tea, mean, leaf, scream, cream).
We have also looked at 5 red words (words that can't be sounded out) - I   to   go   he   she 
This week, we will be learning 2 more sounds. 
ee - What can you see? (see, bee, seen, tree, glee).
oi - Spoil the boy (spoil, foil, boil, coin, join).
We have also discussed that some sounds will sound the same but look different! for example, ea and ee. 
Our red words this week - no  to  the  of  my  me

This week the children will be partitioning numbers and looking closely at place value. They will using various resources like numicons and dienes. They will also be measuring in metres and centimetres towards the end of the week as part of the children's pupil voice. They have been making amazing towers in our outdoor classroom and have been asking how to measure! 


Religious Education
We have listened to the story of God's creation and how God has given us the world that we live in. The children will be continuing to look at God's creation by looking at a verse from the Psalm 139 where we hear how God created us and was there at the very beginning of our life. We will also be looing at prayers and how we connect with God when we pray. The children will be asked to create a special prayer area in our classroom and they will all be given the opportunity to lead prayer sessions throughout the year. 

This week, the children will be exploring castles through the ages. They will be comparing and identifying the different types of castles that have been made. They will be comparing modern castles and medieval castles. We will be exploring timelines this week and next week.