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NB: P.E. Day is Thursday

Request from Mrs Liffen


As next term's topic is due to be 'How many pebbles on a beach?' Mrs Liffen is asking for any old or surplus seaside paraphernalia that could be used in the roleplay- items such as: inflatables, buckets and spades, beach clothing, towels, chairs, parasols, ice cream diches and spoons etc. If you can help donate any of the above, it would be kindly appreciated.

w/b 1st Apr 2019


This week in RE, the children have enjoyed starting to learn about the Easter story. They listened to the meaning of Palm Sunday and have painted palm leaves and cut them out, with this, they have also been learning a few Easter related songs. In preparation for Easter, the children also tried some potato pattern painting.


The class have bean learning to anticipate and sequence time related events in maths and have been talking about their daily routines or their class activities. They also had to hunt for number 3s and mark make the numbers in paint, chalk, glitter and on the whiteboards.


In language and literacy they have been great sound detectives, searching for initial sounds, using the puzzle pieces to sound out some CVC words and also mark-making the 'l' sound.


During our Welsh lesson, the children took turns to use some Welsh words with Flik and Flak and sang about 'The Rainbow- Yr Enfys' and all the colours yn Gymraeg.


Finally, following a very productive week of learning through play, the majority of children reached the 'Pot of Gold' and were rewarded with a little dip and some golden time.


This week's 'Learned and Wise' child was George for his enthusiasm and use of full sentences when talking about events at Easter.


Dates to remember next week * Friday 12th April - Easter Bonnet Parade- Parents are invited- please help your child at home to make an Easter hat to be judged by the PTA on Friday at 10am


One more week left to go until the Easter holiday.


Many thanks


Mrs Porter

Mrs Thomas & Miss Susan  





w/b 25th March 2019


The nursery children enjoyed a busy week, this week. They are enjoying the phonics fun activities, reinforcing a new sound of the week, its recognition, sound, formation and rhyme along with the number, shape and colour of the week. Please ask your child what they are and if possible, help them at home to extend their knowledge. 


In language and literacy, they enjoyed finger painting their Mother's Day cards for their loved ones and wrote their inserts independently. They continued adding to their sound wall, by painting the sound of the week and chalking outdoors on the yard. 


In maths and number work, the children continued their work with more and less, 1 or 2 more and addition, they were also introduced to the (+ add/plus) sign and the (= equals/makes/total) sign and counting total amounts.


In topic time, the children learned about animal habitats, their wants and needs and also they were all able to discuss the lifecycle of a caterpillar and sequence a lifecycle too. 


In RE, the children have been learning some new songs in readiness for Easter- 'When I needed a neighbour.' 'If I were a butterfly.' 'Hosanna Ho Ho Hosanna.' 'Hallelujah, Praise the Lord.' 


In music time, the children enjoyed choosing an instrument, listening to instructions and playing fast and slow, loud and quiet.


In PE, the children enjoyed taking the parachute outside and playing games in the warmer weather. 


The week ended with a piece of cake as they celebrating Euan's 4th birthday and golden time.


This week's 'learned and wise' pupil was Gabriel.


Let's hope this good weather prevails. Although, please ensure your child has a coat in school as we are outdoors for a large proportion of time and in the shade, it is still very nippy.


Dates for next week- World Autism Awareness Day - April 2nd - wear red, yellow, green or blue to school, with a voluntary donation going to Ap Cymru.


Many thanks


Mrs Porter

Mrs Thomas & Miss Susan smiley


*Don't forget to follow our activities throughout the week on our twitter feed*

w/b 4th Mar 2019


Croeso nol - welcome back


The class topic this term has evolved from 'Did dragons really exist?' To 'The dragon's egg.'


The RE topic is 'Learning and growing together through Lent.'


The PE area of learning is 'Traveling and movement & incorporates dance.' 


The term started with with the news that the class dragons had sneakily hidden the eggs from us and they need to be found- the children need to use positional language in their instructions of where to look for the eggs. 


The children delivered some lovely rhymes and songs for you all at the Eisteddfod coffee morning, which we hope you all enjoyed.


They continued their mark making of the sounds known using the RWI rhymes for their formation and forming their nifty numbers. 


They enjoyed the challenge of colour sorting of light and dark colours as a group and also using the RE table to create a picture using the loose parts, which really enhanced their oracy and social skills. 


The children enjoyed learning about Shrove Tuesday and ate their way through a host of pancakes and were given a blessing from Miss Williams on Ash Wednesday- the beginning of Lent and they made their Lenten promises of the items they'd give up for 40 days until Easter.


This term looks to be very creative, so please keep checking Twitter for the updates of the children's work and remember if you have any questions, concerns or worries, please don't hesitate to stop me in the morning. 


Very many thanks


Mrs Porter

Mrs Thomas & Miss Susan






w/b 18th Feb 2019


The last week before halfterm didn’t fail to excite the children’s appetite to learn more about the outdoors.


In their language and literacy activities, the children enjoyed the name writing activity and sounding out the sounds found in their name and associating the sound actions. They also enjoyed listening to the story of the Hungry Caterpillar and threaded leaves, fruit and caterpillars. 


For their maths activities, they were recognising and ordering numbers and ordering the smallest to the biggest of the class dragons. They also enjoyed matching items and learning about symmetry by painting crowns and matching patterned hearts. 


During chapel time, they continued to talk about gathering together with their families and talked about their ‘Parish families.’


Finally, the children enjoyed their day out at the Aberdare outdoor learning facility. They made bird houses, planted trees, helped make a big hotel and their most exciting moment was to use ‘the outdoor composting toilet.’ 😂😂😂 Their behaviour was impeccable and as staff, we cannot wait to take them on more adventures due to how well they behaved, how well they helped each other and how keen they were to try new challenges. 


I hope you all have a fantastic holiday and we look forward to seeing you on Monday, March 4th with their completed home/school learning art pieces for the Eisteddfod. 


Many thanks 



w/b 11th Feb 2019


This week saw the children completing lots of great activities, in groups, with a partner and independently. They started the week being colour dectectives, naming their favourite colour, using some Welsh colour words and then collecting items for their colour boxes. 


In language work learning their sound of the week, they each had a c-c-cookie to draw around and mark make to help form the new sound. They also labelled the class castle by either matching or finding the labels and locating the part of the castle. Some children were also able to be extended by recognising the initial/end sounds and/or sounding out the sounds of the castle part. 


During Welly Wednesday, the children enjoyed looking for long and short sticks, comparing and ordering them. They also measured the longest and shortest kangaroo jumps and the cars that travelled the shortest and furthest distance on the yard. The children were also introduced to non-standard measurement which was used to measure giant footprints left in the classroom to determine who left them. 


The children enjoyed gathering in the chapel to talk about their favourite things to do in class and the things they like to do with their family. 


Finally, the week finished with painting their sound of the week for the interactive sound wall. 


One more week to go before halfterm where a home activity will be handed out on Friday for the children to complete in readiness for our Eisteddfod. 


Hope you all have an enjoyable weekend and we’ll see you bright and breezy on Monday morning. 


Mrs Porter, Mrs Thomas & Miss Susan


P.S - please remember that Thursday is our school trip, please ensure that they are appropriately dressed for possible cold and wet weather with their packed lunch and drink for the trip and that they are collected from school at 2pm.








w/b 4th Feb 2019


Well our feet have hardly touched the ground this week. In maths, we started the week searching for The King’s treasure stolen by the dragons and searched and sorted money coins, matching them, describing them and sorting them. 


In language & literacy work we learned a new sound (K- the kicking K) then we searched for items beginning with the sound, formed the sound and independently made our own K-K-Kites, cutting, sticking and colouring them as a group. 


We participated in Internet Safety day by listening to a story about Buddy and Ben and learned a new song to remind us to stay safe online when using our tablets, Kindles and games etc. 


During topic time, the children were looking at objects and photos and sorted them into things found in either a castle or house and decribed the items, they also then used Numicon number pieces to create dragon or castle pictures following a template.


In RE and PE we were fortunate enough to celebrate the Chinese New Year by dancing with a Chinese dragon and lion, creating our own class dragon, mark making Chinese Mandarin numbers using chop sticks in the tuff spot, dressing up in authentic Chinese clothing and enjoying a Chinese restaurant role play area. The celebrations ended with the children performing their own Chinese dance and enjoying a Chinese banquet of authentic food, which really went down a treat. 


Finally, the children were visited by the photographer to take their St David’s Day photos, which they really enjoyed and were keen to show off their outfits.


The children are really enjoying the Dragons and Castles topic and it is really strengthening their imagination and oracy skills, with only a couple of weeks left before the half term holiday, please help your child by reading any stories or watching any films that include dragons, knights, castles or Royalty etc, which will only further develop their understanding of the world around them. 


Many thanks 


Mrs Porter- Mrs Thomas & Miss Susan 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿


The photographer will be in school tomorrow, Friday 8th Feb to take a class photo for St David’s Day to be published in the paper. Therefore, please dress your child in their Welsh costume, something red or something that symbolises Wales. Many thanks 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

w/b 28th Jan 2019


What an eventful week we had again in the nursery. We started the week with our Phonics Fun sessions, introducing the sound -o-, we searched for the sound, we matched the sound and formed the sound using a variety of different media.


In Big Maths, we began to learn about -more or less & most and least, using loose parts, dinosaurs and on the interactive whiteboard IWB.


We all enjoyed learning a new song in Welsh with actions (Mae olwynion ar y bws- The wheels on the bus) in readiness for our Eisteddfod performance following half term.


We finished our Celebration topic in RE by looking at the things we find in a church and had a virtual tour of a chapel besides that of our own.


Welly Wednesday was very much enjoyed by all the children creating some large scale art (knights, shields and other items chosen by the children) with recycled products and loose parts. Can I thank all the parents and grandparents that have donated items for our collection, the items are being put to very good use and benefitting the children.


Lastly, the children enjoyed making patterns in PE of 2/3 and 4 movements of their choice. Some followed instructions, while others were confident and gave great, clear instructions for the rest to follow (George, being a PE teacher in the making) The children all did well and their listening skills, ability to follow instructions and their awareness of others is developing well.


Friday saw the snow fall and an opportunity for some family fun in the snow, so I'm hoping to hear lots of great stories of their adventures over the weekend, albeit outdoors in the snow or staying warm indoors for snuggles.


Don't forget to visit the Twitter page


Also, If you change address, or any of your contact details please inform the school ASAP, to ensure we can contact you in the case of an incident or concern. Thank you


Have a great weekend and we'll see you on Monday.


Mrs Porter

Mrs Thomas & Miss Susan 


Temperatures are due to drop over the coming week, this won’t stop us from exploring the outdoors, we will just shorten the activity if it gets too cold. Therefore, please ensure children are dressed appropriately with a warm coat, suitable footwear and optional labelled hat and gloves. 



Thank you for your continued support ☃️☃️☃️


Picture 1

Phonics Formation

Phonics Formation 1

w/b 21st Jan 2019


Dewi the class dragon came back to class safely this week having visited Anna’s and Ffion’s families. He seemed to have had great adventures and is looking forward to spending time with all the class and their families. 


In language and literacy, the children were discussing their role-play castle and were practising their cutting skills and worked as a group to make large shields to be hung in and around the class. *Please try to spend some time with your child cutting pieces of paper, card, tissue, wool or string, it will really help strengthen their hands, wrists and arms which in turn will help to develop their mark-making also.*


The children continued to learn about repeating patterns in maths and created come sound patterns, patterned Lego towers, linking elephant patterns and finally painted patterned crowns using 2 and 3 colours.


During RE this week, the children discussed the work of Martin Luther-King, Dydd Santes Dwynwen with the main focus on family celebrations, what happens at them, who attends and whether they have celebrated them. 


On Welly Wednesday, the children experienced mark-making in the snow and made patterns and searched for sounds and then wrote them.


More and more children are excited to show us their knowledge of phonic sounds and nifty numbers, where they have found them in the environment and how they are written. Therefore, please continue with this at home as it is benefitting the children immensely. (Thank you)


Lots of activities are planned for next week, with more outdoor activities, paint and play dough in the mix.


This week’s Golden Rule Follower is Isaac. 


*** Dates to remember***

Friday 1st Feb - NSPCC Number Day.

Number Day is a maths-inspired fundraising day for children in nursery right through to secondary school.
Some fun curriculum-based activities will take place in the nursery and we'll take inspiration from famous gameshows including Blockbuster and Who Wants to Be a Mathionnaire? NumberJacks and Count Down. Pupils are also encouraged to ‘Dress Up For Digits’ and make a donation to wear an bright, colourful clothing maybe with a number on it.

Funds raised from ‘Number Day’ will help support vital NSPCC services. 




If you have any spare old, surplus pots or pans, tinfoil or shiny items, we would really appreciate them to help us with our outdoor, large scale art and loose parts play.


Have a great weekend


Mrs Porter

Mrs Thomas and Miss Susan xxx

w/b 14th Jan 2019


The children have enjoyed their new role play area this week and we have seen princes and princess, knights and wizards within the classroom. They have enjoyed the new items in the small world area and have begun to explore the learning areas for themselves with a bit more independence.


They started the week with Big Maths and learning about big or small and sorting items accordingly. They also counted dragon eggs to take to market, recognised numbers, ordered numbers and found missing numbers around the class.


During Read Write Inc, they recalled their known sounds s-a-t-p-i-n-m and learned about the 'd' sound by exploring things that begin with the 'd' sound like dog, duck, dice, donkey, dinosaur and dragon and then mark made the sound in the sensory trays and with paint.


For Welly Wednesday, they learned about parts of a body, named the parts, labelled a diagram of a life size body template and then went outside to draw around themselves and draw pictures of their friends and family.


During PE, they were listening to instructions, learning how to be more space aware and they became 'beans' for the session.


During their Chapel visit, they talked about celebrations they have attended, what happened and the people that were there.


In Welsh, they continued talking about the weather and they will be learning about different clothes during the term.


Finally during topic time, they started to plan and make a 2d family shield for their castle and will continue with this next week.


**Could you please help your child with their sound recognition and number recognition, highlight all the things you see that start with any of the sounds they know, such as- m m milk, s s sun, d d dog and draw the sound in the air with your finger, this will really help their understanding of the sound made and how it looks. Similarly with numbers, if the see numbers on a door, bus, remote control etc, highlight the number and use your fingers to count to the number.
















w/b 7th Jan 2019


Welcome back to what hopefully will be great term for the children to really develop in a variety of areas and have fun whilst they’re doing so.


This term our topic title is ‘Did Dragons really exist?’


Therefore, the children will be learning about different dragons, their size, shape, feel, behaviour, how they travelled, where they lived and were they good or bad. In addition to this, they will learn about castles, knights, princes and princesses, fairy tales, famous dragons and a very important one to us, the Welsh dragon.


There will be great opportunities for the children to develop their language and literacy skills, explore and investigate to find out facts and information for themselves, become maths magicians, create routines in P.E, learn new songs and participate in a class festival to celebrate The Chinese New Year and the Welsh Eisteddfod. They will also use their imaginations to create stories, recall information, role play, mark make and create artefacts and pictures individually or within a group either with support or independently.


I hope you'll agree, it's going to be a terrific term for the children and myself and Mrs Thomas are raring to go and see what they know.

w/b 17.12.18


Well, the Autumn term has come to an end and what a way to celebrate. The children have enjoyed a variety of activities this week, ranging from; Nativity sequencing, messy crafts, Christmas carol singing and to finish the week, a Christmas party. We hope you have enjoyed being part of the St Michael's family this term and will continue to support your child in all possible school/community activities.


Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda i chi gyd- Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.


We look forward to seeing you all on Monday 7th January 2019.


Mrs Porter & Mrs Thomas







Dress Rehearsal

w.b 10.12.18


What better way to start the week than a trip to see Santa. Myself and Mrs Thomas were so pleased that the children all thoroughly enjoyed their visit to see the big fella himself and their behaviour was outstanding (Even the staff and Santa commented on their good behaviour as a class). The day was made even better by the weather being on our side and the children being able to enjoy the park together and sing a few songs for you.


The week just got busier by the day with an outstanding dress rehearsal of the Nativity to the whole school on Wednesday which was enjoyed by one and all and the amount of comments by staff in amazement of how well the children learned their lines, their parts and all the songs made myself and Mrs Thomas overwhelmed with pride of how proud we are of them all.


This was then recreated on Friday with some more memorable events i.e. children fell off the stage, the I.T equipment failed, extra visitors on the stage, a few tears, lots of laughter, but most importantly, luckily no one was hurt and the children all loved their 15 minutes of fame. 


For their play activities and learning this week, the children started to make their Christmas cards, they enjoyed making their Christmas tree decorations and getting creative in the messy play area. They sorted colours, wrapped presents, enjoyed mark making their promises and retold the Nativity story and that was in a three day week... 


1 more week to go, with plenty of great activities for the children. We are holding a small Christmas party in the Nursery for the children on friday morning and are asking parents if they can kindly donate food or drink items for the party (They must be shop bought, sealed and no home made items) Due to allergies and possible contamination. 


The letters have have gone out to parents of the children already age 4 that will be full time in January and will be joining the Reception class with Miss Vile in the afternoons. Any queries, please contact Mrs Taylor. 


Please enjoy the weekend and we look forward to an enjoyable last week. 


Mrs Porter & Mrs Thomas 👍🏼👍🏼









w/b 3.12.18


The festivities have begun in the Nursery class this week. The children enjoyed learning about Advent and explored several different ways of creating leaves for our Advent Wreath. They also watch ‘The Snowman’ then talked about temperatures- hot and cold and why the snowman melted. They continued with the story and sequenced it to include the beginning- middle and end and created some fantastic snowmen of their own. They also worked on their Advent promises with some great mark making being seen and some very wise words used in their promises. The children have enjoyed practising for their Nursery Rhyme Nativity and it is coming along nicely. 


There will be no home activities sent home this week but please have a little look through the sounds and numbers they have learned to form so far and their formation rhymes (You’ll find the sheets at the front of their book and on the RWI sound sheet I recently sent home) 




We hope you have a great weekend


Mrs Porter & Mrs Thomas ⛄️⛄️






w/b 26.11.18


The week started with the children writing their Christmas list to 🎅🏼 Santa and cutting out shapes to add to their letter. Clearly, all their mark making is paying off with some great emergent writing and patterns being made. 


They then made large 2D Shape pictures of penguins and snowmen and talked about the shapes used and similarities in the tuff spot for maths. 


For RE, the children made holly leaves in preparation for Advent and they talked about birthday traditions, their own experiences and the birth of Jesus Christ, all while continuing to practise for their Nativity play. 


In topic time, the children are continuing to make shiny and non-shiny stars and are loving the ‘messy area’ to work with the creative trays. 


Finally, the children were asking the question ‘Sut wyt  ti?’ to their friends and answering in Welsh using actions too.


Follower of Golden Rules this week is - Megan


The person showing fun-filled and hopeful virtues is Hodaya 


All the best for the weekend and I hope the children enjoy completing their home activities and learning about the Advent Wreath. 


Mrs Porter & Mrs Thomas 🎅🏼🤶🏼






w/b 19.11.2018


We have started learning our songs and parts have been sent home for our Nativity Concert on Friday 14th Dec @10:00. Ticket information and allocation to follow. So be prepared for lots and lots of singing when the children get home from school and please help them each day!


We explored shiny and not shiny items and sorted them for our topic time & language and discussed the names of the items, their use, shape and colour.


In maths, we counted, matched and recognised numbers 0-10. We also took the activity outdoors for Welly Wednesday with a number hunt and a mark making session, which was enjoyed by everyone. 


In RE, we recapped on our Welcoming/Belonging topic and talked about all the things learned as well as listening to the story of the first Christmas. 


We got creative with our new painting easel and painted on various materials and got messy with our spray bottles and pipettes to help strengthen our hands. This is definitely helping with our mark making as we practised marking our 0-1-2s and s-a-t sounds in the glitter, paint and tomato sauce, with more and more identifiable marks appearing by the day. So please keep reinforcing mark making on any surface or in the air like a wand, as it helps immensely.


Finally, we talked about the weather in Welsh and played a game of splat while singing ‘Sut mae tywydd heddiw?’


Please have a wonderful weekend and don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions.


Mrs Porter 






w/b 12.11.2018


The Nursery children enjoyed another exciting week of learning opportunities, this week. This week was Anti bullying week, so the children talked about their helping hands, the virtues of a good friend and how they can be a good friend. They were posed the question- are you a good friend or not a good friend? and they answered the question and used pictures to help them with their discussion and they mark made their own individual bricks to help build our class ‘Wall of friendship’ that is on display in our construction area. 


For their maths activity, following our topic of shiny or not shiny, the children 1 for 1 counted shiny stars, with all children pleasingly, exceeding the numbers counted during their baseline assessments. 


In RE, to celebrate our Vision week and help the children understand the vision, the children wrote their own individual prayers to God and created a school flag of FAITH + ACTION = SUCCESS

Faith, Action, Success. Furthermore, during circle time, the children learned about a baptism, the important people involved, special items needed and made the sign of the cross on Baby Lilly.


The children continue to enjoy mark making and were introduced to the ‘a’ sound and number ‘1’ with lots of mark making becoming evident throughout a lot of their activities. 


Fflic and Fflac also joined the class to speak Welsh with the children and offer incidental opportunities for the children to enjoy the language. 


Next week the children will will be listening to the Christmas songs to be included in their Nativity play with myself and Mrs Thomas looking at suitable children for the varying roles. We will let you know what character parts they have and the costumes needed over the coming weeks. 


Enjoy the weekend and please feel free to add any photos into their home activities of the children enjoying any sensory mark making, we used baked beans and spaghetti hoops last week for the children to mark make in with their fingers. 


Many thanks Mrs Porter & Mrs Thomas 🙏🏼




w/b 5th Nov 2018


What busy bees we have been this week in the Nursery.


In language & topic we talked about Guy Fawkes and fireworks and we created our own firework pictures and recorded the sounds they make. We enjoyed learning the new sound and number of the week too and trying to mark make them in the glitter tray.


In maths, we learned about positional language and enjoyed moving in, out, on, under, in front of, behind and besides items and giving instructions for others to follow.


In topic time, we enjoyed playing in our new role play campsite to investigate shiny or not shiny? We also learned how to use the CBeebies app on the iPads independently. 


We talked with Fflic and Fflac in Welsh and asked them ‘Pwy wy ti? - ‘who are you?)


In R.E, we continued our work of welcoming and talked about how we welcome a baby and the items a baby needs. We also celebrated Diwali and learned about the customs adopted and created our own outdoor paint mixing fireworks, Diyas lamps and henna hands. Finally, we learned about Remembrance Sunday and how we can remember people and honour them and how God is looking after them in Heaven. We created individual poppies, a poppy wreath for the class and main enterance and made delicious poppy biscuits. 


The children continue to explore and experiment with different equipment which is so pleasing to see and their independence is growing by the day. Next week will be another busy week for us all, so please enjoy the weekend and I hope you enjoy completing the home activities. 


Many thanks 


Mrs Porter & Mrs Thomas






w/b 22nd Oct 2018


Well, didn’t that first 7 weeks go quickly and what a difference we’ve seen in the little ones! It has been a great first 1/2 term with lots and lots of activities completed and lessons learned. The baseline assessments have been completed and I managed to see all of the parents to discuss the achievements of the children and the way forward, so thank you for making the time to come and speak with me. 


This week was was a little bit different as we focused all our energy on ‘Healthy Living’ in readiness for the new Healthy School Policy currently being written. We explored many ways to stay healthy and brought all the ideas into our learning activities, such as:


We sorted healthy and unhealthy foods

We made healthy food fruit faces

We found out about where certain foods and drinks come from

We used our senses to explore vegetables, name and discuss them

We made REAL Mr Potato Heads and friends

We learned about germs and how to wash our hands properly

We talked about brushing our teeth and tried for ourselves

We made healthy lunch boxes

We made vegetable prints

We went mark making with vegetables

We made healthy ‘friendship’ soup

We exercised with ‘The Sticky Kids’

We spoke in assembly about all the things we enjoyed during our ‘Healthy living’ week


As you can see, we have been very busy and myself & Mrs Thomas are indeed looking forward to a rest. The children continue to surprise us, make us laugh and most importantly, make us proud of all the milestones they reach and new challenges they face with such ease. 


The next topic will be ‘Is it shiny?’ So you will see some changes in the class and lots of new activities as we head nearer to Christmas.’ May I also take the opportunity to say thank you for doing all I ask of you and helping the children arrive at school on time and with the correct equipment/clothing needed. The home activities have been a great chance for some home/school engagement with some lovely pieces of work completed. Next term, we will be learning a sound and number of the week with home activities being related to them. Therefore, please enjoy the half term with the children and please let us know what you’ve been doing on your return to school on Monday 5th November. 


This week’s Golden Rule Follower was Esme.


Many thanks 


Mrs Porter and Mrs Thomas 🎃🎃🎃








w/b 15th Oct 2018


The week started with the children learning to recognise their names and then trying to over write, copy write and emergently write their names. In maths, they continued with their pattern work trying to create patterns using building bricks, paints and movements and counting in Welsh. They entered a new phase of their RE studies, with them talking about what it means to be ‘welcomed’ and they ways they can welcome people. They also talked about memories and things they remembered from being a baby and they absolutely loved guessing who’s who with all the photos you sent in thank you. They had their weekly visit to the chapel and said a prayer and welcomed everyone with a handshake and gave their friends their name cards. For Welly Wednesday, they decorated the school fences and playground with paint and chalks as they went mark making, writing lines, circles, dots, rainbows and zigzags and they were most proud of their work as the other classes entered for playtime. If that wasn’t enough, they enjoyed their PE lesson using the parachute for games and playing a game of magic beans and the week was finished off with the children talking about wearing red to ‘Show racism the red card’ and they talked about how even though people may be different, they can still use helping hands and they made welcome heart pictures for their families, which after a tonne of glue, should eventually be dry by next week! 


Thank you you for the prompt rensponses regarding parent meetings on Monday and Tuesday, I look forward to speaking with you all and answering any questions that you have. However, please remember that they are only 5 minute apppintment slots. Therefore, if you feel that you need longer, please speak to reception and you can be booked in for another slot throughout the week. 


Once again, thank you for your continued support in helping get the children to school on time and in the correct clothing and footwear, it truly does help their learning opportunities. 


This week’s follower of Golden Rules was Euan. Da Iawn Euan for being such a good friend to others and helping the children by telling them how to play nicely and be kind everyday. 


Many thanks and and enjoy the weekend.








w/b 8th Oct 2018


This week has been another busy one with the children enjoying a host of activities. Mrs Thomas worked with the children on physical and colour patterns in maths. I worked with the children retelling the story of The three little pigs in language and literacy and they also constructed houses of their own in crafting. For the Welly Wednesday activity, the children were making repeating patterns with autumnal objects found and they tried hard either copying or completing their own ones. During RE we celebrated Judaism and the children discusssed holidays and their favourite things to do with their families. They learned about sacred items and their uses, they also made Menorah lamps and finished the week feasting on Jewish pancakes. For PE this week, the children were tasked with building tall towers and threading beads and pasta onto laces.










w/b 1st October 2018


This week has been extremely busy, with Harvest festival hats being made and rehearsals for the concert too. The children thoroughly enjoyed learning the new songs and actions with real zeal and I hope you enjoyed watching the performance as much as they did performing it. They started the week discovering, recognising and naming 2D shapes in maths and they recited familiar nursery rhymes and songs during language time. In Topic time, we talked about Harvest time in different countries and things to be thankful for and for RE we also visited the chapel for the first time to talk about 'being special and precious' and how we are all God's children. Welly Wednesday was again another success, with the children exploring, investigating and collecting Autumn items and then mark making with them using paint. The children enjoyed PE, hoopla hooping, hopping on one foot and trying to ride a bike and they ended the week, following their performance, with some well earned, Golden Time. 


This week's Golden Rule Follower is Anna.


Can I also thank you all for today's donations of food items for the local food bank.

St Michael poster & our new Cross

St Michael poster & our new Cross 1
St Michael poster & our new Cross 2
St Michael poster & our new Cross 3

w/b 24th Sept 2018


This week the children have enjoyed a host of activities and were introduced to their new groups. They started the week with a mark making activity and following patterns and then they went on to counting leaves and conkers in maths. They have talked a lot about themselves and being special and also about being part of God’s family and the people in their own family. They enjoyed their first Welly Wednesday and getting physical in p.e, climbing and jumping. The week ended with the children making a poster to celebrate St Michael and also a bright new colourful Cross for our altar.  


This week’s Golden rule follower is Diogo.

W/b 17th Sept 2018


This week started with our last intake of pupils, so we now stand at 19 pupils, a small but very active and talkative class. We have continued with the baseline activities, which have included: 1 for 1 counting, number recognition, drawing and painting ourselves and mark making. In PE, they joined in with the ‘Sticky Kids’ and enjoyed the listening activities. In RE, we made our display of ‘God’s Family’ and painted our faces for all to appreciate and admire. The children are really embracing prayer time and circle time and enjoying getting to learn things about their new friends. With only small prompting reminders, they are choosing to use helping hands more and more. Finally, in Welsh, they have been learning the ‘Bore da’ song and been singing about the weather in Welsh ‘Sut Mae tywydd heddiw?’ 


The children are getting more and more acquainted  with the class routines and their enjoyment in reciting the registration train and being complemented for their ‘lining up’ on the yard is definitely benefitting them and they seem proud to be part of the nursery class. The children are all striving to reach the ‘pot of gold’ and enjoy being rewarded. Lastly, this week’s golden rule follower is Ffion. 





Learning through play

Learning through play 1
Learning through play 2
Learning through play 3
Learning through play 4
Learning through play 5
Learning through play 6
Learning through play 7
Learning through play 8
Learning through play 9
Learning through play 10
Learning through play 11
Learning through play 12
Learning through play 13
Learning through play 14
Learning through play 15
Learning through play 16
Learning through play 17
Learning through play 18
Learning through play 19
Learning through play 20
Learning through play 21
Learning through play 22

w/b 10 Sept 2018


This week saw another two intakes of children to the Nursery class and I must say that even though a few tears have been shed by the little ones and the parents, with some simple distraction techniques and a little cwtch they were soon engaged in a host of play activities. 


While the children are settling into their new environment we will be completing their Foundation Phase Profile Assessments and completing some topic and RE tasks. This week the children have enjoyed learning some new songs and prayers, they have been talking about themselves and we all made a promise to God in RE. They have been creating some new learning areas and they have enjoyed learning about the reward system and ‘The pot of gold.’ We have talked to the children about the golden rules, which are:


Give a smile

We always try our best

We listen carefully

Be honest and respectful

We care for our environment

We follow Jesus’ teachings


In addition to the golden rules, the children have also been taught that at St Michael’s we use:


Helping hands not hurting hands, 

Kind hands, kind feet, kind words and kind hearts. 


This week’s golden rule follower is - George. 




A Warm Welcome to all


This week the nursery welcomed the first intake of children. The week went smoothly with only a few tears that didn’t last long. The children have quickly settled into school life, enjoying circletime, prayer time, play activities, playing on the playground and eating lunch in the hall. We will welcome another 10 children next week with the remainder following. 


A few reminders:

The school day will now start at 9:00 and finish at 12:45.


P.E day is every Thursday, so can the children please come to school in their tracksuits.


Please check the page for updates of useful websites or resources to use at hone with the children.


Can all children please have a bag on labelled spare clothes left on their peg in case of any accidents or from learning through play.


If you have any question, concerns or comments, please feel free to speak with myself or Mrs Thomas. 


I hope you enjoy the the weekend with the children  and I look forward to seeing you all next week.


Mrs Porter 😎






The Nursery Class of 2018/2019


This week we have welcomed our first intake of nursery children. They have so far enjoyed exploring their new class and getting to meet the staff. 


The school day will now start at 9am and will finish at 12:45. If you have any questions, comments or concerns please don't hesitate to speak to myself, Mrs Thomas or Mrs Gregg, we are here to help.





Nursery 2017-18

w/b  16th July 2018 - Our last week of Nursery


Well it never stops here in the nursery, the children still have oodles of energy more than the Duracell bunny. We started the week welcoming a new member to the class, Annabell and talking about famous pirates and why they searched for treasure. The children also learned new pirate songs and enjoyed performing them in front of the class. In maths, they enjoyed counting sea creatures and ordering numbered shells. In language and literacy, they enjoyed listening to the story of the fox and the crow and finished off with some sound recognition and Jolly Phonic actions. Luckily, with good behaviour, all the children were able to enjoy the pirate party and Joey's birthday and had lots of fun with their friends and some picnic treats to finish off a fantastic year. 


Myself, Mrs Thomas, Mrs Gregg and Miss Liffen would like to thank you all for the kind gifts, cards and words that have been received. We have thoroughly enjoyed teaching the children and they will be missed. Although, they are now ready for Reception and need a new challenge with Miss Vile and Miss Davies.


Enjoy the summer and stay safe. Xx 







End of term - Pirate Party (Pirate fancy dress is welcomed)

End of term - Pirate Party (Pirate fancy dress is welcomed)  1

RNLI Visit

RNLI Visit 1

Making our favourite sandwiches

Making our favourite sandwiches 1

Week Beginning 9th July


The weather has continued to be on our side and we have managed to get outdoors and do so much. In Maths/ICT we finished our 2D and 3D shape hunt and the children drew all the basic shapes with and without support using chalks, pens and the interactive whiteboard. We have continued to practise writing our Christian names and singing and dancing to the Jolly Phonics song remembering our sounds and actions. We also looked at Fairtrade products and why it is important to look for the logo. Our pebble sea creatures are now completed and they are looking forward to coming home. In R.E we have talked about sharing God's Wonderful World and his creations and discussed the Aesop's fable - The boy that cried wolf and the importance of telling the truth.

The children thoroughly enjoyed their Sun & Sea Safety talk by Aaron from the RNLI and the week has been finished off by making our own favourite sandwiches.




RNLI to visit our class Tuesday 10th July

Tomorrow morning a representative from the Royal National Lifeboat Instituation (RNLI) has kindly agreed to visit the children to talk about the work they do to help others and about being safe near or in the water. As this term’s topic is about the beach, The children are very excited and it’s hoped some equipment will be brought in also. 


The RNLI is the charity that saves lives at sea.

Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI), a charity registered in England and Wales (209603) it is hoped that we will be able to give a donation to the charity from the class. Therefore, any loose, spare change you have would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks 






Week Beginning 2nd July


What lovely weather this week! The children really enjoyed their first sports day on Tuesday. In Maths/ICT we continued to work on our sandwich pictograms. We also continued our 2D and 3D shape hunt and collected more photos using digital equipment. We all worked on writing our Christian names, focussing on sounds and actions. Our pebble sea creatures are looking fantastic! In R.E we have talked about sharing God's Wonderful World and his creations. What lovely pictures!

Today we discussed Sun & Sea Safety and can't wait for the RNLI visit next week.






Home Activities


Thank you to all the parents and family members that helped with the weekly home activities.

I’m hoping you will see the difference from the beginning of their journey, starting the book to the end pieces. There will be no more activities sent home for the rest of the term, I hope that will free you up to enjoy the remainder of the sunshine. Therefore, could all books please be returned to school where they can have their final pages marked.


Once again thank you you for your continued support and cooperation. 






Sports Day Update 


Thank you to everyone that attendended today. I’m sure you’ll agree that the children were all fantastic and tried their very hardest, albeit a tad bit of cheating occurred during the egg and spoon race, but they’re three and four and it’s not the Olympics. Nonetheless, they all did fabulously well and so it seems their first sports day was a success. They were all winners in my eyes but the official winners were as follows:

1st Ty Gwyrdd- Green House

2nd Ty Coch- Red House

3rd Ty Glas- Blue House

4th Ty Melyn- Yellow House







RNLI to visit our class Tuesday 10th July

On Tues morning a representative from the Royal National Lifeboat Instituation (RNLI) has kindly agreed to visit the children to talk about the work they do to help others and about being safe near or in the water. As this term’s topic is about the beach, The children are very excited and it’s hoped some equipment will be brought in also. 


The RNLI is the charity that saves lives at sea.

Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI), a charity registered in England and Wales (209603) it is hoped that we will be able to give a donation to the charity from the class. Therefore, any loose, spare change you have on the day would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks 





Class photos


If parents still wish to purchase class photos, you can do so directly from Colorfoto.

Sports Day - Morning of Tuesday 3rd July 2018


The children have been reminded of their house colours. Can you please dress your child in their house colour on Tuesday. Parents are reminded, they are more than welcome to attend. Many thanks


Ty Melyn- Yellow house

Alia, Joey, Dylan B, Ruby, Dylan G, Roman


Ty Gwyrdd- Green house

Ollie D, Oliver C, Alex, Joseph, David, Harrison


Ty Coch - Red house

Elin, Oliver K, Reuben, Chloe, Quinn, Tilly, Morgan


Ty Glas- Blue house

Abby, Matthew, Evan, Ella, Tobias, Myla, Josh






Week Beginning June 25th

With the weather on our side we have used it to our advantage. This week in RE, we heard the story about the wiseman and the foolish man and we made choices on how we want to live & work. In Maths/ICT, we have explored the school grounds on a 2D & 3D shape hunt and then we learned how to take digital images of the shapes with an iPad. We have been practising our sound formation and name writing in Language and in PE, we have be practising in our houses for Sports day. We then needed to find out ‘what is your favourite sandwich?’ So we gathered information and collected data by asking our friends and went on to create our first pictogram. We talked about changes and how they affect us in SEAL and finished the week with story time and an ice lolly to cool us down.