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St Michael's Parent / Carer council

Parental involvement in the school 


Parents are welcomed into the school. St. Michael’s School recognises the important role that parents play in the education of their children. We see the educational experience as a partnership between home and the school. Parents are encouraged to become involved in our active PTA. We also encourage parents to attend meetings, assemblies, Masses and other school events and to come into the classrooms as reading volunteers. Newsletters and other letters are sent out regularly to keep parents informed. Our Home – School Agreement is our shared commitment to working together.

St Michael's Parent / Carer Council


The school is very excited to now have a dedicated parent/carer council.


The council is made up of 11 members who's role is to give support to the head teacher, staff and pupils though partnerships with other parents/carers, the parish, past pupils and the local community.


The current council members are:


Matthew Warrilow (chair) - Nursery

Alison Howells (vice chair) - Nursery and Year 1


Beth Griffiths  - Reception and Year 2

Natasha Kalebic  - Year 1

Francine Morgan - Year 1 and Year 4

Stefanie McKeown - Year 2

George Summers - Year 2

Donna Weston - Year 1, 3 and 4

Karin Crimmins - Year 4

Marguerite Holloway - Year 5

Jodi Holmes - Year 6


St Michael's is very fortunate to have dedicated, diverse and passionate parents and carers. The council we be looking for support in many varied ways in the coming months so please look out for our communications soon.


If you wish to contact any member of the council please email


Be a St Michael's community hero!


The St Michael's parent/carer council are trying to develop a database of people who can assist the school in reaching its goals. We would like to be able to call upon the expertise of people at the school at certain times of the year.


We would like people to complete a simple form to let us know how they can help (see below). Once you have completed the form you are not obliged to give any time in the future.


We will keep any data you provide secure as per the privacy notice which is linked below 


Thank you for anytime you can provide, it is greatly appreciated.


St Michael's Community Hero form



Parent / carer council - terms of reference