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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

Croeso i Blwyddyn 6

Class Information


Our topic this term is Hola Mexico

Our current R.E. topic is Healing


Reading Books need to be in class every day.


P.E.: P.E. kit needs to be worn every Tuesday


Outdoor Learning: Please remember to bring wellies and a waterproof coat every Wednesday. (weather permitted)


Homework: Please see the attached takeaway homework sheet. These activities are to be completed by July 2019. Remember to use ActiveLearn and Bug Club for additional maths and reading activities.

Hola Mexico Homework menu

Summer Term

Sports Day 2019

Sports Day 2019 1


 The word document below has the lyrics for all the songs for Newman. It also has the links to youtube that we have been using. Have a look at the words for the class song-When I grow up and the whole year group song-We're all in this together.

Transition Event

We had a fantastic session with Miss Hughes and the other teachers from Cardinal Newman who came to teach us our transition songs and dances. We can't wait for our performance now.


Enrichment Friday-Music Session

Making our Leavers Video with Bigfoot Wales


We had a fantastic day making our Leavers video. We spoke about our first day of nursery, proudest moments, teachers, school trips, friends....What we want to be when we are grown up. We can't wait to see the final edit.



Moki Technology


We have tried out the Moki bands this week. We made sure we did lots of steps and exercise.

They are a great way to keep healthy.



National Tests Parents Meeting 2019

Spring Term

Pits and Ponies-Home Tasks


Look at some of our homework pieces from this term. 


Paschal Candle

We had a great day learning about the Paschal Candle. We made our own designs and then created one as a class for All Hallow's Church.

Thanks Mrs Gough.




We may have been tired after PGL but that didn't stop us having lots of fun and learning safety rules during our cycling proficiency. Congratulations to everyone who achieved their Level 1.


PGL March 2019 



See the link below for photos and videos from PGL.

Week Beginning: Monday 4th March 2019


We will be celebrating World Book Day on Thursday.


Take a look at the following links - look at the fiction section- you will be able to listen to a section of the story being reading and for a limited time some of the stories are available as full-length audio books - will give you a selection of book trailers - these videos give you support on how to edit and improve your stories. - Just for fun. Lots of games to play! Enjoy!

Week Beginning: Monday 18th February 2019


We had a fantastic day on Monday on our Outdoor Learning trip. We looked at types of birds, made our own bird feeders, planted trees and made our own bug hotel. We also toasted marshmallows and finished the day with hot chocolate.


We have worked hard this week in maths looking at probability and how repeating an investigation gives different results.


In English, we have looked at the short story- The Balaclava Boy-This was a story with a dilemma. We thought about the character and hot seated different characters using seesaw. 


We created iMovies to show what Wales means to us.


In science, we created line graphs to see if there were any patterns in our results. We also thought about why we got our results and what skills we developed.


In RE, we looked at how we are in communion with Jesus and designed a stained glass window which expressed many yet one, all joined to each other and we thought about how we can show this.


We started learning our Eisteddfod song Calon Lan and can't wait to show you on the Coffee morning.


See you then!


Week Beginning: Monday 11th February 2019


Lots of impressive homework has been handed in this week. keep it up!


This week in maths we have been looking at checking our answers using the inverse operation and ratio. We have continued with our CLIC challenges. Well done everyone!



In English, we have continued to write about our favourite things linked to Wales and have started to create our voice-over descriptions. We have used similes, metaphors, alliteration, personification and lots of adjectives.


In Welsh, we have continued to talk about ourselves and have read the book Arwyr. Have a look at the QR code below to read the book at home. Can you read it to a family member?

Wyt ti wedi mwynhau'r stori?

Ydw, achos...........

Nag ydw, achos......


In RE, we have started our new topic Unity. We thought about the benefits of friendship and what nourishes a friendship as well as thinking about what breaks a friendship. we have written a guide on how to maintain a friendship.


In our topic, we have learned about the Senghenydd mining disaster and thought about the causes and effects. We will be writing a newspaper article next week.


In science, we have started to plan an investigation to see if adding a spoiler to a car changes how far it travels. We have thought carefully about our prediction and fair test. We will carry out this investigation next week.


Finally, in our outdoor learning session, we worked together to create a twig tower. We thought about how we could work as part of a team to achieve our goal. We are creative, confident individuals!


Look at our pictures below.



Outdoor learning-Twig Towers

Welsh Reading

Week Beginning: Monday 4th February 2019


We've had an exciting week in year 6.


In English, we started the week looking at the song Pompeii and thinking about what we could infer. We also started our Eisteddfod writing thinking about how we could write descriptively. 


In maths, we have looked at division and long division. 


In topic, we have finished our presentations on Children in the Mines using google slides. We were able to add transitions, check our spellings and add photographs. During PE, we experienced what it was like to go down the mines. We created video clips using seesaw to explain how we felt.


In RE, we finished our topic on sources thinking about the bibles and how we use it in our daily lives. We thought about our actions and beliefs. We concluded our topic with a class collective worship.


Take a look at our photos below including our trip to Cardiff City Stadium.

Children down the mine

Collective Worship

KS2 Languages Event


Year 6 had a fantastic day at the Cardiff City Stadium. We attended a Spanish, French and Chinese workshop where we sung songs, played games and learnt new words. We also had a treasure hunt-well done to the 'Cardiff' team who won an guidebook to Italy and Spain. We were also really lucky to have a tour of the stadium.


This is the song we sung in our Spanish workshop- why don't you teach your family?


Uno, dos, tres, CHO!                   
Uno, dos, tres, CO!                    
Uno, dos, tres, LA!                     
Uno, dos, tres, TE!                   
Chocolate, chocolate!                 

Bate, bate, chocolate!                

Week Beginning: Monday 28th January 2019


Year 6 have worked so hard this week. Lots of fantastic homework handed in again! Keep it up.


To start the week, we took part in the RCT Road safety quiz answering a variety of questions. We will let you know if we progress to the next stage soon.


In English, we have written our reports to save Pompeii. We used lots of interesting sentence starters and thought carefully about what information we should include. 


In maths, we looked at mean, mode, median and range and continued with our CLIC and big maths sessions. Can you think of another song/rhyme to remember M,M,M,R?


In science, our investigation question was Does the length of the spinner blade affect the time it takes to drop to the ground? We were able to use our maths skills to calculate the mean. Our results suggest that the loner the blade the longer time it takes to drop.


In topic, we looked at the song Collier Lass and created our own songs or poems in groups to show how children would feel down the mines.


Although it was cold, we braved the weather to measure the field and yard. We measured the perimeter using trundle wheels and metre sticks.


Take a look at our week below!

Outdoor Learning

Spinner Investigation

Big Maths Beat That!

Big Maths Beat That!  1

Road Safety Quiz

Road Safety Quiz 1
Road Safety Quiz 2

Week Beginning: Monday 21st January 2019


Another great week of learning in year 6.


In English, we started off the week by evaluating our newspaper reports and looking at how we could improve them. We also looked at how to write a non-chronological report to warn the people of Pompeii that the volcano was about to erupt. 


In maths, we looked at multiples, factors and prime numbers numbers. We had looks of fun in our problem solving task. Lots of great reasoning and discussions. Year 6 didn't want the session to end! Here is the link to play the game at home Scroll down to find the interactive game!

We have completed our second week of CLIC teaching and CLIC challenges and I am so pleased that nearly all the children improved their scores from previous weeks. Keep it up year 6. 


We had a lovely treat this week, spending the afternoon with Mrs Gough from Cardinal Newman. We looked at different art techniques using chalk and charcoal and produced fantastic coal miner pictures. Take a look below. Thank you Mrs Gough!


In RE, we continues to look at the bible and how we could follow some of the readings in our every day lives. We looked at the Dead Sea Scrolls and the importance of them.


In science, we used ICT to research different types of forces to develop our knowledge. 


We had a great PE session this week developing our football skills.


I have been super impressed with the standard of homework received so far. Keep it up year 6. If you need any help please come and see me.

Art with Mrs Gough

Examples of homework

Examples of homework 1
Examples of homework 2
Examples of homework 3

Week Beginning: Monday 14th January 2019


What a great week of learning in year 6. 


In English, we have planned and written our newspaper reports on the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Next week, we will be looking at non-chronological reports and how we could have helped the people of Pompeii.


In Maths, we have looked at co-ordinates in all 4 quadrants, translation and reflection of shapes in grids. During our outdoor learning session, we looked at finding angles and proving that you could find all types of angles outdoors. We used a protractor to confirm our findings. (See the photos below) We also started putting our Big Maths learning into action and completed our first CLIC challenge. We are going to work really hard to beat our best score!


In RE, we continued our topic of sources. We have started to look at the Bible and the stories within it. We have located specific bible stories and thought about how they shape our lives.


In Science, we used J2E online to create a graph for our findings to show which plane flew the furthest.


In Welsh, we started to use the google Chromebooks to create a presentation about ourselves. We were able to add pictures, information and edit the background. Our Welsh knowledge was great too!


In topic, we have looked at Children working down the mines. We created a mind-map of the information we gathered from our research and then used this to create a google slides page during skills Friday. 


Lots of fantastic homework handed in already this week. I look forward to seeing more next week!

Outdoor learning

Week Beginning: Monday 7th January 2019


Welcome back!!


We have had a busy first week back. In English, we have looked at the information text 'Mission: Save Pompeii' and learned all about the famous volcanic eruption. We looked at features of a newspaper report and thought about how we could add direct and indirect speech to our newspaper reports. Look on Bug Club to read the book at home. Next week we will be writing our reports. Our handwriting patterns this week were ll, tt and bb joins. 


In maths, we started our new CLIC Big Maths sessions. We have been looking at multiplication facts, subtraction, partitioning numbers and multiplying by 10. We have also been calculating, measuring and drawing angles to the nearest degree. Next week, we will be using coordinates in all four quadrants.


In R.E. we started our new topic called sources. We have kept a diary of the books we have read and thought about our big question 'Are books enriching?' We have also created a piece of writing to add to our class book. 


Our topic this term is Pits and Ponies. We have written our own questions that we would like to find out about the topic. We also looked at the six areas of learning and though about the activities we could do. We have looked at the important dates in coal mining history. Next week, we will be looking at Children in the Mines. These are some of the questions we would like to find the answers to.


Did the children want to work or were they forced? 

How old did the children start working in the mines? 

How many children worked down the mines?

What did the children do? 

How did the children feel? 

How many children died? 

Did they get sick? 

What were the children paid? 

Were they used to carry coal before ponies?

Would they die early?  


In Welsh, we looked at questions about ourselves and how we could extend our answers.


In Science, we looked at forces in motion. We made our own paper aeroplanes and looked at which of our designs flew the furthest. We then though about why this was linking it to air resistance and gravity.


Here are the spelling patterns we will be learning this term. Please look at them at home and use the spelling activities/games to support your learning.

Pits and Ponies Takeaway Homework Spring Term

Autumn Term

Tesco Singing-December 2018

Tesco Singing-December 2018 1
Tesco Singing-December 2018 2
Tesco Singing-December 2018 3

Writing questions for our new topic Pits and Ponies

Writing questions for our new topic Pits and Ponies 1
Writing questions for our new topic Pits and Ponies 2
Writing questions for our new topic Pits and Ponies 3
Writing questions for our new topic Pits and Ponies 4

Week beginning: Monday 6th December 2018


This week in English, the children have been planning and forming their debates ready for a live debate next week. We looked at joining letters to the letter ‘r’ during our handwriting sessions and continued to learn new spellings. Have a look at the new words added. 


In maths, we have looked at finding percentages of amounts. We also worked with our friends to solve problems involving fractions- fantastic team work! 


In RE, we have looked at some readings in Isaiah and though about our expectations of the coming of the Messiah. We also looked at Mary’s expectation and thought about the annunciation and visitation. 


We had a fantastic afternoon singing for the Pensioners Christmas Lunch in the university. They enjoyed hearing us sing and we certainly enjoyed our visit from Santa and our treats. Have a look at the photos below. 


In topic we looked at the scientist William Harvey and wrote a biography about him. 

Pensioner's Lunch


Friday 30th November 2018


Today we spoke about how we can make our class page more 'year 6' friendly. Year 6 came up with some fantastic ideas that would help them continue their learning at home.


We decided that it would be good to add:

1. Reading activities that we currently have in our reading area.

2. Handwriting-examples of the letter and pattern joins we are learning.

3. Alan Peat sentence types- We have been using these in English to make our writing more interesting and to help us develop more advanced punctuation. 

4. Maths game-QR Code games and activities that are in the maths area.


These things will be added over the next few days no

Week Beginning: Monday 26th November 2018


In English, we have been developing our reading skills. We have looked at the issues surrounding Zoos. Should we still have zoos? We read lots of differing opinions and evaluated the sources we used. Next week, we will have a class debate on the issue. We continued our guided group reading carousel and also with our spelling activities. Look below for our spelling words from this week.


In maths, we have compared and ordered fractions and added and subtracted fractions with different denominators. .


In RE, we started our new topic Expectations. We talked about what an expectation was and why we should have high expectations of ourselves and others. We read a story about a Granddad who had high expectations of his Grandchildren even though they didn't have high expectations of themselves.  We also watched the Waitrose advert from a few years ago "The longest Wait" What did the boy wish for? What expectations did he have?


In Science, we looked at the dangers of smoking and what smoking can do to our body. We focused on how people have different views on the issue which may be because of health or money and linked this to bias.


We also make holly leaves for our school display.


Our homework over the next few weeks will be to learn our play lines and any song words we have. These were given out on Friday as well as costumes. Please contact the school if you have any questions.


Next Week:

PE kit needed on Monday.

Singing in the University on Wednesday-please remember your consent forms.


Spellings: Click on your group below to find this weeks spelling words. Use the independent activity cards to continue to learn your spellings at home.

Week Beginning: Monday 19th November 2018


In English this week, we have written our own stories based on the Eye of the Wolf book. We have worked really hard to think about all the important story-telling elements we need to include as well as making our story exciting. We have assessed our own stories and tweeted our friends to tell them what we thought about their stories. We were then able to improve our work. We have continued to read in our groups during group reading. More books have been added to bug club to read.


In Maths, we have been revising multiplying and dividing whole numbers and decimal numbers as well as finding fractions of amounts. Look at the new games that have been added on activelearn.


In RE, we have thought about what commitment is and how what our mission in life is. We have linked to scripture readings as well as important people who have influenced us. 


In Welsh, we have written conversations and included lots of opinions with reasons. We have tried to extend our sentences as much as we can. Bendigedig!


Have a lovely weekend- No homework this week. Homework will be sent home next week. Please access bug club and activelearn.


Miss Evans




Week Beginning: Monday 12th November 2018


What a busy week we've had!


In maths, we have looked at measuring and calculating the area and perimeter of shapes such as squares, rectangles and triangles. On Wednesday, we took our learning outside and used ICT to record our learning. We have also recapped our understanding of negative numbers.



Try these games below which look at area and perimeter.




In English, we have finished reading Eye of the Wolf. The whole book is available on activelearn. We spoke about the role humans played in the story and used evidence from the text. We have continued with our handwriting and spelling sessions. We are mastering how to use cursive writing in our purple handwriting books and some of us have started to use cursive writing in our other books.  The link below shows how to form some of the letters.


In Science, we have written an explanation about how the circulatory system works using our scientific knowledge and understanding. We used the following information to help us. 


We celebrated anti-bullying week on Wednesday.



We looked at the Pixar short movie 'For the birds' Although the characters don't speak, from their actions we were able to infer what was happening. We created our own comic life strips to show what the characters would say and how they would be feeling. We related this story to our lives. Why are people bullied? How can we stop bullying? What would we tell our parents/ teachers/ friends? 


Vision Week


On Monday, we were fortunate to spend time with Teresa and Mike from All Hallow's who taught us our school song. Click on the link below to hear us performing the song.


We have written our own school prayers which incorporate our vision 'Faith, Action, Success'


We have looked at each word in detail. We thought about how we can show faith in all we do; what positive actions we can show in school and what success looks like and feels like. We worked in groups to discuss and come to an agreement about which ideas were the most important and used diamond 9's to rank our ideas. We created artwork to show our final decisions. 



Other News


Our Fruit Blast Tuck Shop has been a success this week. Thank you to everyone who is supporting. Remember 25p per piece of fruit. (Apples, bananas, pears and oranges)





Week Beginning: Monday 5th November 2018


We have had a fantastic first day back in year 6. We visited the Royal Mint where we had a factory tour and visited the exhibition. We also took part in a workshop and found out how to spot a fake coin. We became real scientists and used microscopes as well as using our measuring skills.



This week, we have presented our oracy presentations to the class. Some of the topics covered were: WW1, The Titanic, fishing, Jet Engines, Piano,Volcanoes. We thoroughly enjoyed listening to the presentations and had lots of questions to ask. We have continued with our guided group reading and have also started our spelling and handwriting sessions.


In maths, we have been looking at ordering, adding and subtracting negative numbers. Take a look at the QR codes below for negative number games.




In RE, we have spoken about the role of a Priest. We have thought about the important qualities a Priest needs and have looked at the training required. We have also learned about the Sacrament of Ordination. 


We looked at writing our own healthy schools policy. We thought about what we need to learn, the role of teachers and children and how our Healthy Schools Senydd Group can help. We are excited to open our Healthy Schools Tuck Shop next week.


On Thursday, we created our poppies using recycled bottles. Thank you Mrs Liffen for helping us make them.



During Skills Friday, we started to make user guides on how to use a variety of apps for younger children. 


Next Week:

Vision Week-Faith, Action, Success.

Wednesday- Anti-Bullying focus

Friday- Children in Need (Wear spots and wacky hair), Mass 2pm at St Dyfrigs





Year 6 2017-18

Week Beginning 9th July


I hope you are having a fantastic week. I have seen lots of smiling children coming to collect younger brothers and sisters smiley I look forward to hearing about your new friends, teachers and lessons next week.


Please remember to look over your script and the song words.


We have such a busy final week in school. Leavers Mass, leavers concert and of course our leavers party! 


See you Monday. 


P.S. I have added the Defenders chapters for Monday and Tuesday. I'll keep the rest so we can read next week. I hope you have enjoyed the different adventure!

Defenders Tuesday Chapter 19

Defenders Monday Chapter 18

Week Beginning 2nd July


A lovely week in year 6. We have looked at how light is reflected and how periscopes work. We have made our own periscopes. In RE we have looked at the Catholic Social Teachings and written a guide to the Beatitudes. With Mrs Liffen, we designed posters to show the importance of fair trade. We thoroughly enjoyed sports Day. Congratulations ty coch. Thank you to all the parents who came and supported us.




Good luck year 6 in Cardinal Newman. I am sure you will have a fantastic week. Remember to have fun, make lots of friends and show everyone how amazing you all are. I can't wait to hear all about your week when you come back!


Week Beginning June 25th 

A busy week in year 6. This week in maths we have been consolidating our learning and doing lots of problem solving. In English we have written warning stories. In RE we have started our topic common good looking at justice and fairness. We are busy learning our songs and parts  for our leavers concert. We enjoyed our drama session with superstars.