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Welsh at St. Michael's

Why learning Welsh is good:


It keeps your brain fit and healthy!


  • Speaking another language makes your brain more creative.
  • It may help you to learn other skills easier-like playing an instrument.
  • Your brain is healthier when you get old.


It will help you learn other languages more easily!


  • When you can speak two languages it is easier for your brain to learn more
  • People who speak two languages can go on to learn many more


It helps you do better at school!


  • Children who speak two languages often get higher marks in school as they get older
  • It improves your memory so you can remember more information


It gives you a sense of Welsh identity and culture!


  • Speaking Welsh helps you to understand the street and place names around you-lots have special meanings that you may otherwise have missed!
  • It gives you a sense of belonging to Wales and its history.

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Click on these links for useful videos and games:


Welsh National Anthem (singing and lyrics).  

Welsh National Anthem (instrumental and lyrics).


Hanes Cymraeg - Welsh History (Y3-Y6)


Cyfrif yn Gymraeg - Counting in Welsh (N-Y2)  

 5 crocodeil              Clap Clap

Lliwiau /colours - rainbow song. (N-Y2)


The Translation of the bible into Welsh (Y5-6).


Gemau: Rhifau (numbers - Words)

              Beth sy'n bod?

              Bwyd (matching pairs of food).

              Chwaraeon (sports - matching pairs)

              Y tywydd (the weather - matching pairs)

              Dillad (clothes - fly into the correct picture)

              Adeiladau (buildings - different houses)

              Anifieiliaid (animals - drop the crates into the train)

         Amser (matching pairs - reading words)

         Amser (time - drop the crates into the train. Challenging)

             Hobiau (hobbies - match the pictures and words)






Cymraeg am tymor y Gwanwyn

 Welsh for the Spring term.




Cymraeg am mis Hydref a mis Tachwedd 

Welsh for October and November.


Beth hoffet ti __?





Cymraeg am mis Medi

 Welsh for September


hoffi                 like

Beth wyt ti'n hoffi?  What do you like?

Beth wyt ti'n hoffi...bwyta?   to eat?

                       yfed?     to drink?

                       chwarae? to play?

                       gwneud?  to do?




Dw i'n hoffi _______. I like _____





Beth hoffet ti __? What would you like __?


                fwyta?   to eat?

                yfed?     to drink?

                chwarae? to play?

                wneud?   to do?

                wylio?    to do?

                brynu?   to buy?


Hoffwn i ________.  I would like ______.



1. Sut mae'r tywydd?

How is the weather?


Mae hi'n _________.  It is ________.



2. Sut oedd y tywydd ddoe? 

How was the weather yesterday?


Roedd hi'n _________.

It was ________.


3. Sut fydd y tywydd yfory?

How will the weather be tomorrow?


Bydd hi'n __________ .  

It will be ________.