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St. Michael’s School has a distinctive uniform of which we are proud. Acceptance of a place at the school implies support for the Uniform Policy and parents are asked to give their full support in maintaining high standards by adhering strictly to the policy. If a parent is in any doubt about any item of uniform the school office will gladly assist before a purchase is made.


The uniform is as follows:

The school has a yellow polo shirt and green sweatshirt, which the children are expected to wear. Children should wear a grey skirt or trousers as appropriate. Trainers should only be worn for PE sessions. Shoes are also part of the school uniform. School summer dresses and shorts are part of the uniform in the warmer weather. Children also wear a tracksuit for Games sessions as well as needing black shorts/ leggings and white t-shirts for PE sessions.



  • hairstyles are expected to be neat, tidy and sensible. Long hair must be tied back at all times with ribbons etc. in the school colours;
  • sensible earrings may be worn;
  • summer caps may be worn outdoors and with the peak to the front;
  • all items of uniform, including shoes, must be clearly labelled with a child’s name.

Our School Uniform 2022/23

Our school badge for uniform is available at

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Alternatively, you can visit our Uniform Exchange.