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Class Topic - Bright Lights, Big Cities!

PE - Thursday

Outdoor Learning - Muddy Mondays @ Forest Schools

Tale as Old as Time

Tale as Old as Time 1

What did you see this Bonfire Night?

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Year 1 have been talking about what they saw this Bonfire Night. Were the fireworks loud? Were they lots of different colours? did you stay at home or did you go to a display?

This is the field where the poppies now grow.


A week of remembrance for Year 1 as we joined the school in a two minute observation in remembrance for those who fought for our freedom and still fight bravely. 


We used Martin Impey and Hilary Robinson's 'Where the poppies now grow' story to complete book reviews and to explain the importance of wearing a poppy this week in our literacy work and we've created our own class book for Remembrance Day 2019! 


​​​​​​​We used the green screen to complete our oracy task this week which was to talk about what we saw and heard on Bonfire Night last week and we also wrote poems that described different fireworks and their sounds! 


In Maths we've been using the fruit data we collected last week to complete bar graphs and we've also been using 1p, 2p and 5p to find different ways of making 2p,3p,4p,5p and 10p. 


We dived back into the world of Roald Dahl this week by watching The Enormous Crocodile in our Golden Time.


We've been practicing really hard on our Christmas concert now that the stage is out in the hall. We can't wait for you to see it! 


Letters for our school trip, Christmas concert ticket requests and Christmas concert costume requests have all been sent out this week!


Our School trip in Thursday 21st November.


Plums, Lovely Plums, 8 for £1!

Welcome back! We've loved sharing all our half term news this week but we're excited to be back together in our Year 1 Classroom! 


We were sad to see that Paddington had headed off back to London over the half term but we know we'll hear from him soon. Maybe we'll send him a Christmas card? 


This half term, we'll be researching a lot closer to home as we look at the history and landmarks of our capital city, CARDIFF! We have booked our first class trip for Thursday 21st November to Bute Park with a trip down to the bay on the Katherine boat. 


On Monday we celebrated a healthy schools day and we visited our very own Riverside fruit and veg market with our shopping lists in hand and change in our pockets to purchase delicious fruit for our fruit salads!


We have started to explore the magical world of Roald Dahl by watching The BFG in our golden time and were surprised to see Sophie and The BFG visit our good friend Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace. 


In Maths this week we've been working with tally charts. We've been keeping a record of which fruit the children in our class like most, by majority vote, we can announce that Strawberries win the Year 1 favourite fruit award for 2019!


​​​​​​​We've also been sorting and identifying different types of coins this week which helped us when we were buying our fruit from the market! 


In the creative area we made Firework pictures ready to celebrate and talk about Bonfire Night! We have also started practising our Christmas concert songs, see get ready for unlimited singing at home! Letters will be sent home Monday 11th November regarding tickets and Friday 15th November regarding costumes.


A very busy first week back, enjoy your weekend! 



Dear Year 1,


I’ve just enjoyed my last marmalade sandwich, whilst packing my case to return back to the palace!


Thank you for sharing your London adventures with me, I've had a blast! We've read lots of stories, had afternoon tea with the Queen, written letters and even had our very own recreation of the Fire of London but now sadly, it’s time for me to leave!


I’ve enjoyed watching you learn so much already this year and I can’t wait to see which city you visit next! I wonder if you'll have another visitor? Keep me posted! 


See you soon!

Paddington Bear x 




London Bye Ta-ta!

As always, its been another super busy week in Year 1! 


We've definitely earned the half term break after all the writing we've done this week! We've described characters from the Katie in London story, described our favourite London landmark and we've re-written simple sentences from the story adding descriptive words to make them more exciting!


In Maths, we've been investigating one more or less and two more or less than a given number. 


In RE, we've been thinking about where we belong. Who do we belong to? Most of us belong to a sports, music or dance club but we all belong to St Michaels! We have made our own class badges to show we all belong to Year 1. 


Thank you for sponsoring us this week in our 'Beat the Ball' challenge, we really enjoyed taking part in something so active and different! 


It was lovely to see you all at parents evening this week and to see so many of you buying books for the half term from our book fair!


Please enjoy the half term and have lots fun but do take a little time to complete some activities from your homework menu and check out your Bug Club! Plus we've given you two reading books to enjoy whilst you're off! 


Thank you for all your support already this year and again, enjoy the well deserved half term! We'll see you back at school on Monday 4th November and we'll find out where the big red bus is taking us next! 






London's Calling...

We started the week by receiving an important message from Katie!

She was going to visit London and needed our help to get around.


We wrote itineraries and made green screen videos to send to Katie that were full of information we've learnt this half term. We talked about our favourite London landmarks and tourist places and why they would be fun or interesting for Katie to see. (see video in below post)


'Doubles, doubles, I can add doubles! it's no trouble for me to add doubles!' We've been doubling numbers in maths using conkers and dice! We started with doubling numbers 1-6 and then used 2 dice to be able to double bigger numbers! Check out our favourite song that helps us so that you can double numbers at home!


We've made Grenadier Guards in the creative area and then wrote instructions to on how to make them, perhaps you could make one at home too?


We've also been talking about things we are good and and things we can work on in readiness for Parents Evening this week, we can't wait to see you all!


And FINALLY, on Friday we celebrated our wellbeing day raising money for Young Minds! We took part in a Zumba session which we thoroughly enjoyed and did some mindfulness colouring. In the afternoon, we ticked off another suggestion from our pupil voice board and watched Mary Poppins topped off with a special treat of Cupcakes and Smarties for Miss Davies' birthday!


As we come to the end of the first half term, we'd like to thank you for your support already this year and for the amazing home school tasks that have already been sent in! 








We’ve been helping Katie in London!

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We’ve received a video from Katie who’s visiting London with her Grandma, we’ve been planning what they can do and see whilst they are there...



           Aunt Lucy 

           The Home for Retired Bears

           Darkest Peru 



Are you in need of a professional letter writer? If you are, Year 1 is definitely the place to go!


We've been working really hard this week in our Language and Topic books. We've written letters to Aunt Lucy from Paddington telling her all about our adventures so far and in our Topic books we've written a response to Samuel Pepys' letter from King Charles II explaining how he is going to help stop the fire in London.


In Maths, we've been writing number stories for 5, 10 and 20 or finding the missing number in a sum to complete the story. 


We've also been very creative painting Tudor style houses for our display and enjoying the outdoor role play of Pudding Lane using the Rosemary, Cinnamon and Lemon playdough to make bread. DELICIOUS!


We've made zig-zag books about the life of Jesus this week in RE. Learning briefly about the Christmas story, Josephs dreams and Simeon and Anna at the temple. 


As we come to the end of our RE topic, we've been revisiting our big question, 'why do we have a family and who is my family?' and talking about what we can do to show our family that we love and care for them.





London's burning, Londons burning...


What a week! Firstly, Thank you for coming to our harvest festival on Friday! We loved performing for you and learning songs about the autumn season. 


We've been identifying and arranging parts of a letter from Samuel Pepys this week in language ready to write a response next week from King Charles II. We've been making number bonds for 5/10 and 20 with multilink and dominos in Maths


For our Topic work this week, we've learning about fire safety and talking about the fire service of the past and present. 

The highlight of our week was recreating 'The Great Fire of London' on the back yard. We built our own Pudding Lane using the house models we made for our home task. Don't forget to check the video below! 



The Great Fire of London

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In 1666, a fire broke out in a bakers shop on Pudding Lane! 🔥

On October 3rd 2019, the children of Year 1 recreated this as part of their topic work!

Homework Menus!


Our Homework Menus for this term went home last Wednesday and Thursday. 


Written and illustrated work can be completed in your child’s purple homework book.




Bring your parents to school day!

Another fun filled week in Year 1! 

We loved having our parents join us Wednesday for lots of fun activities linked to our topic! We were excited to show them how we work independently and giving them a

daily insight into what we do in Year 1! 


We’ve been working with random numbers and putting them in order up to 10, 20 or 30 in Maths. In Language, we have been continuing to build our word banks of ‘bossy’ verbs and adding positional time language such as then, next, first, after that and finally to a set of instructions. 


In RE, we went outdoors to look at and appreciate all the wonderful things God has made. As part of our Go-Givers sessions we made personalised robots to show that we are all different. We loved discussing and sharing our differences and similarities as a class.


We celebrated our saints feast day, St Michael on Friday by learning about his story and why he is important to us. We enjoyed watching the Secret Garden production on Friday afternoon gifted to us by the PTFA! a big diolch to them for a great afternoon!


Don't forget, your house models need to be in class by October 3rd! 





Last Friday, Year 1 came home with their first homework task to build a small model house to support our classroom task. These are to be brought into school by October 3rd for the activity to take place!

Diolch! 🔥









The day HRH The Queen came to St Michaels!

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A Royal Week!

It's been another exciting week to say the least in Year 1 finishing off the week with a visit from HRH The Queen!


We've been looking a 'bossy' informative verbs and identifying them in a written instructions and added them to our word banks to use throughout Year 1! In Maths, we've been ordering numbers and working with more more or one less than a random number to 10, 20 and 30!  


We started talking about important people in RE and why they were important to us. This weeks Forest School involved using natural holistic materials to make 2D pictures of our favourite London landmarks!


And of course we finished the week with a royal visit from The Queen , a Q&A session, lots of singing, fun and Afternoon Tea! 


Check out our video for an insiders look!





Foundation Phase Vision Week

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Vision Week! 


We've been busy celebrating our school vision this week, FAITH, ACTION SUCCESS!


We've written our own prayers to ask God for help and also give thanks, got creative and made vision banners to decorate our classroom and together as a Foundation Phase we learnt our new St Michael's Vision song, ready to perform on Thursday 12th September to our family and friends! 


Every Monday we visit Forest Schools, this week we went on a hunt to find natural, holistic or man made items that helped us identify describing words. We've ordered numbers to 10, 20 and 50 in Maths and have been writing and sequencing instructions in Language, we've learnt to make a delicious cup of tea!


In RE, we have been exploring our big question - Why do we have a family and who is my family?









'Bright Lights, Big Cities!'


An exciting week in Year 1!

We received a postcard from HRM The Queen! She's coming for Afternoon Tea on the 18th September and until then she's sent her friend, Paddington! 


We are all so excited for our adventures as Year 1 already!


Check out our postcard and Paddington's arrival to Year 1!