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Late / Absence Procedures

It is important that children come to school regularly and on time. Attendance at school is crucial to a child’s all round development. Children who are absent from school regularly are unlikely to achieve their full potential. If a child is absent from school the parent should notify the school promptly of the reason either in writing, by telephone or in person.


Punctuality is a vital life skill and it is important that children are encouraged to develop this. Late arrivers often miss the beginning of lessons and find it difficult to catch up. Young children can become upset when this happens. Children who arrive late at school are noted by the class teachers and the late book is signed either by parents or admin staff. The school also operate a “First Response System” and parents will be phoned if their child is absent and we have not been informed. Each term letters are sent to parents whose child’s attendance is identified as an issue through termly monitoring with the Education Welfare Officer. If attendance does not improve due to these termly reminders then a meeting is scheduled with the Authority’s Attendance and Wellbeing Support Officer and the Head teacher at the school to discuss attendance and punctuality.