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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6


Croeso i Blwyddyn 6


Class Information


Our topic this term is The Rugby World Cup


Our R.E. topic is Vocation and commitment 


Reading books need to be in class every day.


P.E.: P.E. kit needs to be worn every Monday


Homework: Please look at the takeaway menu below. Any problems just ask!



Autumn Term 2019

Week Beginning: 07/10/19


In English, we have continued to edit and improve our balanced arguments and started to think about our next piece of writing. We have worked super hard this week on improving handwriting and presentation skills. I’m very proud! 

In maths, we have been learning about area and perimeter, looking at area and perimeter of squares, rectangles, triangles and composite shapes. We have also been developing our CLIC skills. 


In R.E. we have started our new topic Vocation and Commitment. We looked at our big question what is commitment? And thought about the commitment people show in their lives. 


We planned our own trips to Japan and had great fun learning new tricks on google sheets. We also created our Hakas during enrichment Friday. 

In science, we looked at what our resting heart rate is and created a class graph to display our results. 


Take a look at our learning this week below.


Next Week


In English, we will develop our skills of writing a newspaper report. In maths, we will be drawing and extracting data from graphs. In our topic, we will be completing our data sheets and making our rugby shirts. Please remember a white shirt to decorate. 

Wear yellow on Friday too! 

Week Beginning: 30/09/19


Year 6 have worked really hard this week.


In English, we have planned and started to write a balanced argument on the uses of the internet.


In Maths, we have looked at measures of length, weight and capacity. We have thought about converting measures and reading scales.


In R.E. we continued to look at the Story of the Prodigal Son and thought about how we can use the Beatitudes in our lives. As we have come to the end of our topic  we have thought about how we will take our learning forward and also answered our big question again "Do we have to earn love?"


We have started to write blogs for the World Cup and during Enrichment Friday, we researched the Haka. 


Thank you for coming to support us in the Harvest Festival. We used our pupil voice to decide upon our song and costumes. We hope you enjoyed.


It has been lovely to see some homework this week. "Macipality Stadium", "Lego stadium" and lots of research about different countries. Keep it up.


Take a look at our learning this week below.


Next Week


We will continue to write our balanced arguments. In maths, we will be looking at calculating area and perimeter. In RE, we will start our new topic, Vocations and Commitment.  We will also be planning a trip to Japan and using our ICT skills to input data onto a spreadsheet.

Week Beginning: 23/09/19


What a busy week!


Firstly, a big thank you to everyone who came to see our class learning on Wednesday. We had great great fun designing badges for our rugby shirts and looking for the Rugby World Cup Countries.


In English, we have started looking at writing balanced arguments. In maths, we have been developing our subtraction skills. We have also looked at using the inverse operations to check our answers as well as estimating our answers.


In RE, we have looked at the story of The Prodigal Son and on Friday, we researched and created a fact file on St Michael. In Science, we became detectives and used our science knowledge and skills to solve a mystery.


We enjoyed the production of The Secret Garden on Friday and were lucky to get a workshop with the actors at the end.  


A big thank you to everyone in year 6 who participated in Mass this weekend as well as to everyone who has already brought in homework. Da iawn blwyddyn 6. 


Look at the photos below of some of our learning.


Please remember to visit CNS on Thursday for Open Evening. Also, applications for year 7 at Cardinal Newman are online. Please apply by the 18th October.


Next Week:

We will be writing balanced arguments. In maths, we are looking at measure and converting measurements. In RE, we will be thinking about the importance of the Prodigal Son as well as looking at the Beatitudes. Please join us on Friday for our Harvest Festival.

Week Beginning: 16/09/19


Another great week in year 6. 

In English, we have written our persuasive leaflets and used our purple pens to edit them. In maths, we have refined our addition and problem solving skills.


We have really enjoyed our topic work this week. We have created fact files on our chosen country using google docs. We created timelines to show the History of the World Cup. We also got to watch some of the first game Japan V Russia. It was just a pity that they didn't score when we were watching!


In R.E. we have looked at reading readings from Isaiah and created role plays during enrichment Friday. We continued to look at time in Welsh and started organising a trip to the cinema.


Look at the photos below of some of our learning.


Please see the leaflet sent home today about Open Day at Cardinal Newman.


Next Week:

We will be looking at writing balanced arguments as well as refining our subtraction skills. In our topic, we will be using maps and atlases to find where the RWC countries are located. We will be using our science skills to write a police report. We are looking forward to inviting you into our classroom next Wednesday. We can't wait to show you that we are confident learners.


Vision Week 09/09/19


Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed Vision Week. We thought about famous people who showed Faith, Action and Success in their lives and how we show Faith, Action and Success in our lives. We wrote prayers to God to praise and thank him for the wonderful world we live in.




In English, we have started to look at persuasive texts. Mrs Taylor has set us the challenge of writing leaflets to persuade people to visit our school.


In maths, we have looked at place value. We have shown that we can read and write large numbers, multiply by 10 and 100 and multiples of 10. 


We enjoyed taking part in our first Senedd Meetings and enrichment Friday. We used google drive, looked at telling the time in Welsh and thought about our topic Loving in our creative session.


Next Week

We will write our persuasive texts in English. In maths, we will divide numbers by 10 and 100 and begin to refine our addition skills. In our topic session, we will look at the History of the World Cup and make Fact files for our chosen country. In R.E. we will look at reading by Isaiah and look closely at the Prodigal Son.