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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!



NB: P.E. Day is Monday

Week Ending February 8th

This week in Year 3 we have been learning about angles as a turn. We have found right angles around the school and know about acute and obtuse angles as well. Through lots of fun activities and using the Beebots the children now understand how to describe a 90 degree turn and how to program and direct the Beebot around a course. 

They are also becoming more confident when using a compass to recognise different angles.

In outdoor learning they reinforced these skills by directing each other around a grid using directional language and terms such as 90, 180 and 270 degree turns.

Continuous and enhanced provision has included making roundhouse, writing descriptive sentences about celtic pictures, making shields and handwriting activities.

We have imagined we are celtic builders and have written a set of instructions to build a 'roundhouse' we discovered that the Celts used scaffolding just like us!!!!!

In science this week we have researched the different life cycles of mini beast such as snails, butterflies and woodlice.

To help us to stay safe online and as part of Internet Safety Week we made posters and discussed how old we need to be to access certain activities on the internet.

We have been learning about how special Mary is and how we celebrate the Rosary we particularly focused on the 'joyful mysteries' and The Annunciation.

With Mrs Thomas Year 3 used Book Creator to make books about mini beasts they had great fun.


Yet again more fantastic work brought in this week Year 3 you continue to impress me.

Please note our trip to Dare Valley is now on Wednesday March 6th

Mrs Harris


Week Ending 1st February

This week we have been drawing our own Celtic Shields and discussing the designs used birds, mythical best and the celtic knot. Year 3 have also been researching celtic warriors and have found some interesting facts. Did you know warriors would paint themselves blue before battle and when they weren't fighting they were all famers, the more important the warrior the bigger his sword and shield. 


In maths this week we have been studying equivalent fractions and used our fractions wall to help us order and compare different fractions. We have been learning about different fractions up to 1/8th. We are really enjoying our daily Big Maths activities and are working hard on our times tables.

In outdoor learning this week we used natural resources to design and make our own Celtic Shields using sticks, leaves and moss. The children had to work co-operatively with each other and make group decisions about the end product.


I hope you all had fun in the snow!!!!!!!

Congratulations to all the pupils who made their commitment promises in preparation for First holy Communion later on in the year.


Some lovely models, shields and written tasks completed this week Well Done Year 3 



Week Ending January 25th

We are continuing to learn about the liturgical year and have been studying the seasons of Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter. Today we talked about our welsh saint of love St Dwynwen and how important it is for us to show we care to our families and friends.


What amazing story introductions written by Year 3 this week showing a great use of powerful language and time connectives.


" In the pitch black of night " "As the sunset in the early evening" " On a cold and frosty morning"


In maths we are really enjoying our new "Big Maths" activities. We are becoming more confident and enthusiastic mathematicians. We even became "human" compasses to work out how big a Celtic roundhouse might be and if we could all fit inside it.




Great research this week using search engines to find out about "mini beasts" we have created fact files that will be used in our ICT work. 


We have been learning about the different celtic tribes that lived in Wales and we have imagined what life would have been like as a celtic child and compared it to our own. Some lovely diary entries were written about  a day in the life of a Celtic Child.


Year 3 are very enthusiastic about daily handwriting and spelling activities as well as reading and skills book activities.

Please remember pe/games on a Thursday/ wellies on a Wednesday.



Some amazing shields, fact sheets and roundhouses brought in already and I know all of the class are working hard at home on projects.

Thank you for all your hard work this week

Mrs Harris & Mrs Dorman



Week Ending January 18th

This week we have been watching our literacy movie "The Dragon Slayer". In groups we have completed oracy activities about the film and we have discussed the 'moral dilemmas' that the characters are facing. The children have been listing the types of vocabulary that these stories use they can discuss the adjectives, adverbs and time connectives used to make the work more interesting.

 in maths this week we have been recapping our 4 times table and linking it to our 8 times table. We have also been learning new techniques to add 2 /3 digit numbers accurately. We have been working out the radius and diameter of 'roundhouses' linked to our Celtic topic.

We had great fun on our science walk collecting information and taking photos about the habitats and creatures found in our school environment.

Some lovely art work completed on warriors, shields, roundhouses and celtic people.

In ICT Mrs Thomas has been teaching us how to use 'see-saw' so we can share our work with others. 


Some lovely work brought in already showing how talented my class are.

Please remember Pe / Games on Thursday and Wellies on Wednesday.


Mrs Harris

Week Ending 11th January.

Happy New Year from myself and Mrs Dorman

What a busy start to the new term. Straight back into work in Year 3. As swimming is now finished Year 3 will be doing pe/games on a thursday so please bring trainers.

Also this term we will be doing outside learning activities on a Wednesday so if possible bring wellies or shoes that you can get wet and muddy in. (spare socks are also useful).

This week we have started our new topic of "Tribe" we have been researching what a tribe is and what it means to belong to one. In class we have been making a list of questions that we will answer during this topic. In RE we are talking about 'Journeys' and how this links to the liturgical year. In literacy we are studying myths and legends we have been listening to stories and discussing who the heroes are and what characteristics they might have.


Please have a look through the homework menus sent home this week I am really looking forward to seeing all of your amazing work.

Week Ending November 30th

Great homework completed this week on how we use water at home we will use this for cross- curricular maths activities.

Swimming started again this week and Year 3 had a great time at the Abercynon pool. 

PE this week with Mr Mc Nally developing gymnastic skills and sequencing actions. In maths we have been measuring accurately using mm,cm and m. All pupils are becoming more confident at estimating and working out the measurements. In literacy we have been describing our own 'ghostly figures.' Which we will use in our writing next week. We have also been learning about inverted commas and how to use them in our work.

In our topic work we have been researching what Treforest and Pontypridd mean. Do you know how many people live in Wales? or how many cities are in the world?

In RE we have begun our new topic of 'Visitors' we have discussed and made lists of the different people who may visit us at home and in school. We have recorded the joys  and demands that these visits might bring with them.


Can you write a conversation using speech marks between the two feathery characters.


Can pupils please wear kit on Monday and Wednesday this week

Many Thanks 

Mrs Harris and Mrs Dorman



Week Ending November 23rd

Wonderful posters, leaflets and posters produced about places to visit in Wales the pupils are now using these in the role-play area.

This week Year 3 have been working on fractions. Pupils have built individual faction walls and used them to solve problems. We have begun to discuss equivalent fractions and split both shapes and numbers into 1/2, 1/4, 1/3, 1/5. 1/7 and 1/8s.

We have continued to explore our class novel and have produced story maps on "the story so far....".

Pupils have also made predictions about what will happen next to our lead character when she meets the ghost like figure.

Working with Mrs Dorman the pupils have produced silhouette drawings of city skylines and have described them using smilies and adjectives. 

They has a very energetic PE afternoon with Mr McNally working on competitive games as well as developing gymnastic skills and sequences of actions. 

Today they have produced newspaper reports about what happens at a Baptism they have enjoyed being a journalist and writing in a new 'genre'.

Some lovely homework brought in this week about saints I have learned so much about St Lucy, St Francis, St John, St Patrick and St David to name just a few. Great research by Year 3 to complete this activity.

In science we have begun to investigate water and the importance of conserving it in class we have discussed how mud hot the world is made up of water and all the ways we use water on a daily basis.

Please wear pe/games kit to school on tuesday for work with Mr McNally. Swimming start again on Thursday November 29th.


Look at ways water is used at home  please complete the tally chart for showering and brushing your teeth add two activities of your own and record how often these activities take place over a weekend. We will use the results to plot graphs next week.

Thanks Mrs Harris and Mrs Dorman



Week ending November 16th

Do you know how much it costs to take a family of four to Folly Farm? Year 3 have been investigating money this week and have been able to solve real life money problems. They have kindly helped me work out my shopping list and researched food prices on supermarket websites. They have independently set up a class shop and have been buying and selling items all week.

This week we have introduced "word of the day" the aim is to develop the pupils understanding of new vocabulary and then encourage them to use it in their work so far we have looked at words including "mysterious and stern". Lovely reading from Year 3 as we share our class novel together great use of expression and confidence from all of the class. This week we have been working on our school vision what does it mean to us and how can we follow it .

#faith #action #success

Pupils have produced posters and prayers thanking God for our school and asking him to help us .

On wednesday we took part in an anti-bullying day we have been able to discuss what bullying means and look at various scenarios and discuss how to deal with situations. We have talked about things such as friendship stops and friendship benches. We are really proud that we have a school song and have enjoyed learning it we look forward to sharing it with you in mass today.

Lots of fun activities in Year 3 today as part of our work for Children in Need.



We have been learning about the Litany of the Saints and i have asked pupils  to choose one Saint to write 10 facts about.

Please Note

Abercynon pool is not ready yet and I have been informed this week that swimming will recommence week beginning November 26th.

Please return your forms for the Pantomine trip.

Thanks Mrs Harris and Mrs Dorman

Week Ending November 9th

Thank you to all of the pupils who have already brought in fantastic leaflets and brouchures, they have created for their homework projects. 

Well Done to all of the class who have enjoyed working in our new classroom area. They have impressed me with how independent and imaginative they have been.

This week we have been reading our class novel of 'Storm' we have been discussing inference and deduction, by making notes relating to the text. 

In maths we have been looking at halving and doubling numbers we have been able to solve problems independently and record work accurately.

We dug up our science experiment to see which materials have disintegrated and decomposed, some had become completely saturated whilst the objects made of plastic hadn't changed at all!! 

On Wednesday Year 3 worked on activities linked to "Remembrance" they used a variety of media to make poppies, which will be displayed on our class altar and around the school. I was delighted with the wonderful adjectives and similes they used to describe a poppy.

"the poppy stands as proud as a soldier"

"the poppy is as red as the love in our hearts"

We have continued this week to learn about Baptism. We have discussed the Welcome, The Sign of the Cross and The Word. The pupils have been able to recognise the importance of each part. Today we have been discussing the Litany of the Saints. In small groups they are using search engines to find out about Saints. 

Please Note

Can all pupils please wear pe kit to school on Monday 12th .

Homework this week is a Money Investigation - please look in purple books

Swimming starts again on Thursday 15th November at Abercynon

Have a good weekend Mrs Harris and Mrs Dorman

Week Ending October 26th

Healthy Eating Week in Year3 

This week we have worked out the areas of trays to see how much fruit they can hold. We have also used maps and search engines to discover how far our food travels to reach us. Did you know that Kiwi fruit originates from China and oranges are from Florida? Some of our foods travel over 7,000 miles to reach us .

We also used our creative skills to produce some art work based on work by Paul Cezanne the pupils used different media to create some effective art work on the fruit and artefacts in his work. 

We visited Reception Class to share with them the stories we had written based on "Handa's Surprise"

Using adjectives and similes we have used our senses to write descriptively about a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Year 3 Homework

Choose a town, city or place of interest in Wales and produce a leaflet / fact sheet include ICT or art work to illustrate your work please return to school by November 16th.


Have a great half term Mrs Learne Harris and Mrs Dorman

Week Ending 19th October

This week we have begun our new RE topic of 'Promises" we have discussed the different groups that we belong to such as swimming, Badgers, rugby, Beavers etc. What rules so these group have and why is it important that we follow them.

We continue to work on our Book Creator presentations and have enjoyed sharing our photos with our friend in class. Year 3 have loved working with Miss Evans on Fridays to do reasoning activities. 

We have begun a science investigation into materials and how they disintegrate over time we have buried a variety of materials including fruit and plastic bottles. The pupils have made predictions and we will dig them up to see what has happened.

Week Ending October 12th

This week we have been learning about Judaism. We have been finding out about a synagogue and learning about the way it is built and the significance of the artefacts inside. Year 3 designed covers for the Torah scrolls and developed a dictionary to explain the Jewish vocabulary we have been learning.

Pupils did independent research on 3D shapes recognising faces, edges and vertices.Pupils were able to construct their own 3D shapes following instructions and were able to describe shapes accurately with a partner.

We read and discussed "The Window" by Jeannie Baker and then drew our own pictures of what we can see out of our own windows at home.

Week Ending 5th October

This week we have been investigating the litter around the school. Year 3 completed a survey and tally charts they were able to produce graphs to explain what they had found out. They wrote letters to mrs Taylor with suggestions of how to improve the environment around the school. In creative work they did some sketches of the type of rubbish that we found and designed posters to remind everyone to be more responsible and put litter in the bin.

We enjoyed working with Year 4 to learn out song and poem for the Harvest Coffee Morning. 

Welcome to Year 3  2018

A busy start to the new academic year for all the pupils in Year 3 please find below some useful information.

Reading books will becoming home this week and should be brought into school everyday. All pupils will have specified reading days .

Thank you to all the pupils who have returned homework please can all books be in by Wednesday.

Swimming is on Thursday mornings pupils will need to bring towel and bathers to school in a swimming bag. As we will not return until 1pm all pupils in year 3 will need to have a packed lunch on this day. Pupils entitled to free school meals will have a packed lunch provided.

Any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact me at school 

Many thanks 

Mrs Learne harris

Year 3 2017-18

Week beginning the 9th July 2018


Year three have done some lovely work on their Planets PowerPoints. They have researched the internet for useful websites and facts and used these to create a great presentation. They presented these to the class with real enthusiasm. Great work on money and finding change, they’ll make great shoppers! The class have also worked on Islam for our `Other World Religions` school work. They were fantastic answering questions for Year 4’s assembly. Keep practising times-tables, who can get the most correct on Hit-the-button? Tell me on Monday!

Week beginning the 2nd July 2018


Year three have done some fantastic work with fractions this week and their work was set out amazingly, it’s really showing how you’ve learnt this year. Next week we’re revising `Money`. Have a look at our favourite Topmarks website and click on Maths and type in money. Have a go at a few involving getting change, (there’s a few tablet friendly sites too). In science and topic you’ll be using your IT and language skills to put together a powerpoint on the planets, sun and moon, so bring in a few fun facts ready for your group.

Keep up the great work Y3, only a few weeks before you’re Year 4!

Week beginning 25th June 2018


This week Year three have done some terrific work on Perimeters, they worked really well measuring all sorts of class items. The class have also written very good book reviews all about Ottoline and the Yellow Cat. They would all make great detectives. Next weeks’ maths is all about revising fractions, so have a look at, and type in fractions; have a go at a few games! (PS…bars of chocolate are great for learning fractions!).