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Monday July 13th (Home Learning Week 14)

Another Spelltastic Week Year 3,

I am delighted to say you have all passed Colour Class and we now move on to our last week at Hogwarts. You did some amazing language and maths activities as well as investigating colour, symmetry and shopping in Diagon Alley. Tye Dye work looks spelltacular and is ready to go home. This week we will be looking at time, adding time on , looking at time tables for buses and lessons. I have added related activities to your Active Learn accounts. This weeks Giglet's book is the Magic Mirror with reading and HOT tasks.

I have also added some fun activities linked to the parts of the body. A great picture of a magical witch with related language activities to choose from. Also this week you will be spending your school days with Mr Davies in preparation for Year 4 in September. Remember you can do as much or as little as you like.

Keep in touch and stay safe.

Here’s to a final magical week at Hogwarts

Mrs Harris

Monday July 6th (Home Learning Week 13)

Another Choctastic week Year 3.

It has been so lovely to see some of you this week and catch up with others on the phone. Lots of scrummy science work completed using sweets and chocolates. Maths work on fractions, percentages and decimals. I particularly enjoyed seeing your fraction names and lots of us enjoyed the story” Too Much Chocolate” and met the very cute puppy Rolo.

This week we will be focusing on the magic of colour with experiments, research on rainbows and learning how animals adapt by using camouflage. I have added the story of The Magic Paintbrush to your Giglet accounts with reading and HOT Tasks to complete. In maths we will be focusing on symmetry and money. Shopping in Diagon Alley and looking at lines of symmetry in shapes and objects. Literacy activities linked to colour, upskilling sentences, using our senses and completing stories.

I have added related activities to your Active Learn accounts too. Remember you can do as much or as little as you want. Just remember to keep in touch and stay safe.

Here’s to another magical and multi-coloured week at Hogwarts.

Take Care

Mrs Harris


Monday June 29th (Home Learning Week 12)

Another Class completed. Well Done Year 3 another step towards becoming fully fledged Wizards.

I have loved seeing your Dragon creations and descriptive writing. Some lovely potions showing a great use of measuring skills.  You have certainly enjoyed the eggsperiments. You have been so imaginative in how to protect your egg, cooking with the nettles, amazing ice work too. Lots of marking for me on Giglet’s as well thank you.

This week Dumbledore has decided that we need to help out in the Hogwarts kitchens learning how all the amazing sweets and cakes are made. I have added a related book to your See Saw account.

In maths we will be looking at fractions, and hopefully completing some sweet activities. Still working on states of matter we will be looking at chocolate and what happens when we heat it.

Some of you will be coming back to school this week so when you look at the Homework menu I have added activities according to the days I will teach them. Each day I will add some short videos of these activities.

I will be doing check in calls on Friday so hopefully I will speak to you all this week.

Take Care Year 3

Lets have a  Choctastic week

Mrs Harris

Monday June 22nd (Home Learning Week 11)

You continue to amaze me Year 3 with your work.

I am delighted to say you have all passed Potion Class this week. Amazing investigations on liquids, layers and density. Great to see solid, liquid and gas activities completed too.  I have really enjoyed your literacy work on the ‘Magic Library’ and descriptive writing on wands and magical characters.

In maths you have completed some great magic square work and lots of different capacity activities using litres and millilitres. Lots of timetables, handwriting and spelling work going on as well.

I have loved seeing all of your potions and concoctions and you are developing into some great wizards.

This week we are going to Hagrid for his Care of Magical Creatures class. You will have to look after and protect you own dragon egg. Plus lots of egg and dragon related activities. There are some eggscellent experiments to have fun with.  On your Giglet’s account I have added dragon stories for you to enjoy and work on. Don’t forget to have a look on Active Learn for games and worksheets, Super Movers and Top Marks . As always do as much or as little as you want but please share whatever you are doing on your See Saw account.

Stay Safe

Wands at the ready for a wizarding week

Mrs Harris


Monday June 15th (Home Learning Week 10)

Magical muggles in Year 3 this week.

 Your work has been supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. I have enjoyed looking at all the creative work, Quidditch kits, trophy’s, magic carpets and potions. Tricky maths work completed on money and addition skills used in problem solving. Great start to science work on the States of Matter.  I hope by now you all know which Hogwarts house you are in and your homemade wands are ready for classes to start.

This week we are going to begin in potion classes. We will be looking at different liquids including the different states of water and the water cycle. Maths work will involve capacity and measures as well as some magic math squares also look at your Active Learn and multiplication activities on Super movers.

In literacy you will need all of your imaginative skills to complete the magical library story or write up your potions recipes. You can also log on to your Giglet’s and Top marks. There are also ongoing spelling and handwriting task to keep you busy.

Remember you can do as much or as little as you like just keep in touch and let me know what your are up to.

Take care and Stay safe

Let’s hope we have another magical week.

Mrs Harris    

Monday June 8th (Home Learning Week 9 )

We now begin our new topic of “Potions” linking it with magical movies, characters and school life at Hogwarts.

As Mrs Taylor explained homework is slightly different for this topic. I have attached a topic overview sheet that has lots of fun, creative and imagination activities that you can do while we are studying potions this will remain for the entire topic.

Each week I will attach one sheet with some language, maths, science and religious activities that you can select from. I will still be adding books to Giglets and updating Active Learn (please note as well as games I have also added worksheet activities to your accounts)

Remember you can do as much or as little as you want and don’t forget just to keep in touch and send me pictures of all the different things you are doing.

Please find attached our official welcome letter to Hogwarts .

Looking forward to a truly magical time

Mrs Harris

Friday June 5th

Another eco-tastic week Year 3.

You have learned so much about ecosystems particularly the Great Barrier Reef. I have loved seeing all your posters about protecting our planet and the oceans.

Great work completed on money as well as timetables practice, division and multiplication. You are so creative with turtles made out of pebbles, egg cartons and even salt dough octopuses.

I really enjoyed reading all of your acrostic poems about dolphins, turtles and sharks. Super science investigations of materials used at home and alternatives to help us use less plastic.

You clearly all understand the importance of Renew, Reuse, Recyle.

I am so proud of how much you have all learned during this topic I was amazed by your quiz answers but also all the independent work you have been doing.

Thank you Year 3

Mrs Harris


Monday June 1st (Home Learning Week 8)

Welcome Back Year 3 to the last half term of the year.

Although we are all working in new and different ways it doesn’t mean that we can’t still learn and have fun!

 This week we will finish our work on Blue Abyss and then move on to our final topic of” Potions.”

Maths activities this week are linked to money and change. There are games and worksheets attached. Please don’t forget to look at Active Learn,  Super movers and Giglet’s .

Please remember you can do as little or as much as you want. I really enjoy seeing your work but I also like to see pictures and videos of all the great things you are doing at home like baking, playing, reading and sometimes just saying hello!!

Have a go at my Blue Abyss Quiz and amaze yourself with how much you have learned during this topic. I hope you enjoy the variety of activities this week.

Take care and stay safe

Mrs Harris







Friday May 22nd

Year 3 thank you all for your fantastic work again this week.

I have enjoyed listening to your own versions of "Yellow Submarine". Great to see your submarines and research on Jacque Cousteau. Super maths work on division, videos of hedgehogs, written work on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit as well as pupils accessing Giglets and Active Learn.

We will work on pollution and keeping our ocean clean after the break and then begin our new topic of "Potions" linking a little to Harry Potter. Send me a note on 'See Saw' if you have any brilliant ideas!!

Enjoy half term and I will see you back here on Monday June 1st

Lots of you have sent me information about good websites etc so I am listing some below if you want to have a look over the week off PLEASE ENSURE mum or dad check with you.

It has been lovely to speak to you all, take care and stay safe.

Mrs Harris

  1. Game linked to finding Nemo:


2.Science Sites






Bristol Aquarium

Monday May 18th (Home Learning Week 7)

I think we can safely say we have had a “whale of a time” this week. Great research completed on Whales and who knew whale poop was so important!

I’ve really enjoyed seeing your boat designs and you work on floating and sinking. Lots of maths work completed this week and lovely to see so many of you using Active Learn and Giglets.

This week we are focusing on who and how we travel to the Ocean depths so we will be making, researching and learning about submarines. I cannot wait to see all of your work.

I have added extra activities on Giglets and  work on Active Learn linked to multiplication and division.

Remember you can do as much or as little as you want. I do really love to see all the other fun things you do at home too.

Have a great week take care.

Mrs Harris




Monday May 11th (Home Learning Week 6)


Great work on sharks this week Year 3.

I hope you all enjoyed the story of “The Shark Lady” and have been on one of the dives.

This week we are going to focus on one of the largest sea creatures the Whales.

Can we compare the size of a whale to other sea creatures.

How many of your favourite sea creature would equal the length of a whale.

I hope you have fun this week continuing our work on “Blue Abyss” and I can wait to see all the amazing work and experiences you will share with me this week on See- Saw.

Don’t forget to look at your Active Learn I have added games and mathematical problems to work on linked to addition and subtraction also your Giglet accounts for new activities.

Remember you can do as much or as little as you want. I do really love to see all the other fun things you do at home too.

It was lovely to see some of you on the PTFA video it made me smile !!!!

Glad to see you are all safe and keeping well.

Have a fantastic week

Take Care Mrs Harris



Monday May 4th (Home Learning Week 5)

Amazing work yet again this week for our Make and Bakeathon.

Not only did you create some fantastic cakes and cookies but you also made musical instruments, carried out science experiments and made lava lamps. I am so proud of how hard you are all working and so pleased you are all keeping in touch with me. This week we are going to focus on sharks and I have included some links to a story and a visit to an aquarium.

In maths we are looking at multiplication and times so keep working hard to develop these skills. I have included some spelling words to practice and also a little reminder about keeping our handwriting neat making sure our letters are formed correctly.

More books on your Giglets and more work on Active learn. As it is VE day on Friday  I have added some activities you might like to try.

Keep in touch and stay safe

Mrs Harris


Monday April 27th (Home Learning Week 4)


What an amazing start to the Summer Term Year 3 . Thank you for all of your ideas, I have added them to the pupil voice sheet for our topic work on “ Blue Abyss”.

Also Crystelle a lady who lives in New York but has been diving all around the world had offered to answer your questions about diving, where she’s been , what creatures she has seen etc so I am hoping you can come up with some fantastic questions and I will send them to her.

Hopefully I have added a link (you may need  parental support)but  you can actually go on a diving experience from your very own home.

As well as all of this to do this week we are going to focus on measures length, weight, and capacity.

I invite you all to take part in the first Year 3 Bake and Makeathon. Everyone including me needs to make or bake something this week add it to your SeeSaw account and make a list of the imperative verbs in the instructions. (Bossy verbs like mix, glue etc) .

In topic work we are looking at the different levels of the sea and finding out about the different creatures that live there.

I have also updated your Giglets and Active Learn accounts.

Take Care and Stay safe

Mrs Harris






Monday April 20th (Home Learning Week 3)


Welcome Back Year 3


I hope you had a lovely Easter Break? Thank you for all your hard work and kind Easter messages.

Now its time to start our new topic,  ‘Blue Abyss” which is all about the seas and oceans of the world. I really want to know what you would like to learn and discover during this topic.

So I need your ‘ pupil voice’ ideas. Can you please complete the KWL grid with what you already Know about the sea and the What you would like to learn please complete and return to me by FRIDAY APRIL 24TH

You can then add to the Learn column as we move through the topic.

I will use your ideas to map out a pupil voice plan that I will share with your all on here.

Just to get us all started I’ve added some sea related activities to your new homework menu and books to your Giglets accounts. Number and fraction activities have been added along with games and work on Active Learn.

Take care and stay safe

Mrs Harris


Easter Holidays

Well Year 3 another busy week!

Some fantastic Easter crafts completed this week chicks, bunnies and colourful Easter key rings. Loving the perimeter and area work. People working hard on addition activities and remembering to carry those tens. Lots of Giglets and Active Learn work completed too. Lego constructions, jigsaw puzzles and pictures of happy smiling faces. Really loved all the voice overs explaining your work and what you’ve been doing. Great posters and worked linked to Holy Week and all the events that lead up to Easter Sunday.

Enjoy your Easter holidays now and I will see you back online on Monday 20th April to begin the Summer Term and our new topic ‘ Blue Abyss’

Wishing you and your families a Happy and Holy Easter.

Take care and stay safe.

Mrs Harris


Monday March 30th (Home Learning Week 2)

Some great homework from Year 3 this week.


The majority of pupils have used See-Saw and most have used giglets and some have produced work on Hwb.

I've really enjoyed seeing your school work but also your photos of experiments, crafts, cooking and playing games.


This week please try and complete at least 1 of the Holy Week activities but also be creative and use everyday items at home to complete the Easter craft activities


Take care and stay safe.


Mrs Harris





Monday 23rd March 2020(Home Learning Week 1)


I've attached the homework menu below for this week. It has been great to see lots of you adding your work to seesaw.


If you log onto seesaw you will find two additional activities that you are also able to complete.


Remember to log into Giglets-I will be adding 2 new books every week as well as the reading questions and HOTs questions.


You can also access maths games on ActiveLearn.


You can complete any work online using see saw or HWB account.


Have fun and stay safe


Mrs Harris

School Closure - Distance Learning 

Dear Pupils and parents below you will find links to websites and our weekly homework menus. Please feel free to complete activities when you wish to do so. We understand that your well being is paramount during this time of change. Spend time at home, have fun and enjoy quality time with those around you. 


Online Learning Platforms. 

Here in Year 3 we use a range of websites to support us with our learning. Your child will be familiar with each website from accessing it during school. 


Seesaw - An online platform where i  will add homework menus, interactive games, and a range of resources to support pupils at home. As parents and pupils please feel free to upload any work to your individual accounts if you would like to share them with me. I will then try my best to comment on your work to make you aware that i have seen all your hard work. 


Giglets - Online reading website. Each child will be allocated 2 books to read and some tasks to complete about the book. If i can see you have read the books i will add some more. 


Hwb - welsh Government site. Pupils in our class are used to using the Just To Easy  ' JIT' tool. pupils can draw, type,use data handling tools and code using this resources. 


Welcome to Year 3

A busy and exciting term to look forward to. Our topic is Wild Wood and we will be studying wildlife, habitats and life - cycles. Please feel free to bring in any books that might be useful during this topic.


Monday- pe/games- wear kit

Thursday- swimming -towels, swimming costume, googles

Friday- Forest schools- wellies and jackets.

Reading books on days indicated after Reading Activities have been completed.

Any problems please feel free to contact us at school

Many thanks 

Mrs Harris & Mrs Sims




Week Ending November 15th

We began this week with our Remembrance Assembly and observed a two minute silence for the fallen.



Year 3 have had a really scientific Week looking at plants and trees. All of the class were able to identify different leaves by using key cards and made observational drawings.



We linked this to our maths and worked out how to measure the circumference of a tree.


With Mrs Sims we have begun to investigate the effect that different liquids have on the growth of plants. If we feed a plant, milk, water or vinegar what will happen. In our groups we have made predictions and will observe daily.



In literacy this week we have used our knowledge of adjectives to write descriptively about Woodland animals. 

                             ''the deer is as still as a statue" "his ears are as white as snow"



We also had an unexpected visitor when Mrs Pheasant came to visit we were very quiet and enjoyed observing her around the yard.



Ukelele and swimming again this week Year 3 are working really hard to develop lots of new skills this year.

In Welsh with Mr Davies we have been learning about the weather and the different clothes we should wear.



We ended the week dressing up for Children in Need day thank you so much for all of your support.



Thank you 

Mrs Harris & Mrs Sims

Week Ending November 8th

What a busy first week back in Year 3 this week. So impressed with all the fantastic homework brought in this week. Every has been so busy over the holidays producing some amazing work.



As this week we have been looking at healthy eating the whole class have chatted about what a healthy plate of food looks like.



Mrs Sims and the children have discussed the importance of a balanced diet and exercise to keep us all healthy.

In literacy this week we have written descriptively using similes and adjectives about a famous painting by Paul Cezanne. Some lovely descriptive sentences were written about this painting.



We then used oil crayons, felt and pencils to try and draw aspects of the painting. 

In maths this week we have used our knowledge of multiplications to solve problems for Tesco we had to work out how many apples would fit in certain size crates and how big crates needed to be to hold a specific amount of apples.



It was quite a tricky task but by persevering we were able to get the correct answers.

We had a lovely time this week working as illustrators George came in and we listened to her wonderful story which is going to be in the new Pontypridd Library we came up with some imaginative drawings that may go in the book or on display when the new library opens.






Week Ending October 18th

This week Year 3 have been producing checklist for what you need to put in a Diary entry. They drew up a list of success criteria including:

  • use past tense
  • time connectives.

They then took over my job and marked a piece of work highlighting pink and green work and writing a comment for the finished piece.



They have also been completing a variety of reading and spelling activities in class. 

In maths this week we have been consolidating our work on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. In our Ice Missions we have been making seasonal calendars and reinforcing digital and analogue time.

With Mrs Liffen this week the class have been discussing the qualities of a classmate.



A great days was had at Dare Valley Country Park as Year 3 and 4 had a fantastic Outdoor Learning Day looking at plants, animals, the environment and habitats. (please see the photos and videos on twitter). A fantastic opportunity to enhance their knowledge of the 'Wild Wood' topic.

As part of our work on this topic we had great fun taking part in the RSPB #naturesingday.

We listened to different bird song and tried to guess the species. We also enjoyed working with birdsong playing in class none of us could imagine a world without the birds beautiful music.



Another fun filled week at the pool developing our technique and confidence when in the water.



Today we all wore yellow as we looked at the importance of our well being.




In class we took part yoga sessions letting our worries and cares drift away on the bye, bye boat. We all shared friendly wishes May you be happy..... May you be well....




We had great fun in the hall during our Zumba session please see the fantastic videos Mrs sims has put on twitter.



There are lots of activities on Active Learn so have a look. Please let me know if you have any difficulties logging on. Some fantastic menu homework brought in again this week. Keep up the fantastic work Year 3.





Thank you again for your support this week.

Mrs Harris & Mrs Sims


Week Ending October 11th


This week we have continued to learn skills to help us write an effective Diary entry. We have been checking our use of punctuation to make sure we use it effectively in our work.



We have also been learning about how we can put our sentences together and write in paragraphs we used the hamburger planning sheet to help us put our work together.




In maths this week we have been working on our timetables. We have recapped our 2,10,5 and looked at especially at our 4 times tables. We have used our doubling skills to solve multiplication problems and also how the inverse operation can help us to divide accurately.



All of the class have been asked to practice at home so we can become super confident and speedy when using our multiplication skills to help us in our work.


Lots of fun again this week at Ukelele and Swimming both the swimming coaches and music tutor have been impressed with how hard the children are working to develop skills in both activities.


Year 3 have worked hard this week with Mrs Sims talking about groups and rules linked to the new RE topic. They have been busy preparing for the class trip on Tuesday ( please remember packed lunches and appropriate clothing as the class will be working outdoors)


Mrs Sims and the class have been discussing Well being and the Golden Rules and the types of qualities they think belong to #The St Michaels Way . After listening to pupil voice  I am delighted to say that in Year 3 our groups are  now called Honesty, Respect, Compassion and kindness.



Some lovely homework brought in recently by Ishan and Ellis. Really looking forward to seeing everyone else's menu activities. Please remember to log on to ActiveLearn and Bug Club reading book activities need to be completed weekly and books returned on the days indicated.


Many Thanks Mrs Harris and Mrs Sims

Week Ending October 4th

In class this week we have been reading our novel and learning more about the main character Plop. We have written diary entries as if we were Plop and recalled the events of the day.  The old lady told him that ' the dark was kind' so we have been writing about it .We have also been learning about the past tense and when we need to use it in our writing. 

We have discussed pronouns and when and why we need to use them in our work.

The children have all enjoyed taking part in class reading time and have used great expression when reading aloud in class.



Great work in Ukelele this week learning notes and strumming rhythms ( see video on twitter). Working hard this week with year 4 to practice our song and prayer for Harvest Assembly on Friday.


In maths we have been learning about time. Looking at digital and analogue time and how we can read and record them. We have been writing times in different formats :




The class have also been learning about the calendar days, week and months they were able to ask and answer questions using the calendar to help. How many days in .....? How many sundays in ??

What day was your birthday on ...??



In RE, year 3 have been writing letters to tell others how to follow Jesus and God. They have been giving examples of what we can do to be more like them.


Great time was had by all at swimming again this week. Smile all around as we continue to become more confident in the water, learn techniques and swim using a variety of strokes.




Some lovely homework brought in already this week - thank you

Please remember to read and complete activities and return to school on the indicated days.

Look also at  the activities on Bug Club and Active Learn .


Thank you

Mrs Harris & Mrs Sims

Week Ending September 27th

This week we have used adjectives and synonyms to describe Plop the main character in our class novel. The children have been learning how to use a thesaurus which has helped them to up skill sentences.



They have completed Ice missions around the classroom writing book reviews, making fact files and practising addition skills.



In maths we have been looking at 3D shapes and properties. The class have made a variety of shapes and were able to discuss the faces, vertices and edges.



​​​​​​​This week we have also had Ukelele lessons and were learning about running and walking notes.



It was great on Wednesday to invite our parents into class, Year 3 enjoyed sharing their shape activities with their families and I think some of the parents had as much fun as the children!!!!



Lovely creative activities were enjoyed by all in the afternoon using natural resources to make art work with Mrs Sims.




Another splashing time was had on Thursday at swimming lessons. Smiles all around at the pool as the children have fun whilst learning to swim or improve techniques and stamina.


St Michaels Feast

On Friday we celebrated the Feast of St Michael ,we are all very excited about Mass at All Hallows on Sunday 29th at 9.15 am. We designed out own shields about " The Prince of Angels", "Defender of the Faith".


In the afternoon we enjoyed M&M theatrical productions performance of " The Secret Garden" thank you to the PTFA for the treat.




Please note Homework books and menus went home on Friday you can choose 2 from each section or as many as you like. All pupils now have new Bug Club books and maths games on ActiveLearn so please login and have fun.

Thank you 

Mrs Harris & Mrs Sims


Week Ending September 20th

What a busy week in Year 3!!!  In RE with Mrs Sims the children have discussed their families and compared them to the Holy Family. They have also  worked on research skills linked to our 'Wild Wood' topic researching environments and habitats. A big thank you to everyone who brought homework in about visiting woods/forest.


In maths we have been using our number knowledge to add tens and units and looking at inverse operations. As well as recognising patterns on our own 100 squares.



Some lovely video blogs were made this week linked to our biography work which we will put on 'See- Saw'. We all started our novel "The Owl who was afraid of the Dark" our class text.

We discussed the features of the book and predicted what might happen.

This week we have also begun our  ICE Missions (I can .... explore, explain, examine). An opportunity for the class to work independently on a variety of activities to enhance skills worked on in class.



We also had swimming I was so proud of how well behaved they all were. The instructors were amazed that the were only in Year 3. Thank you for your support with kit etc we had a lovely first session.

Thank you 

Mrs Harris & Mrs Sims

Week Ending September 13th

On Monday we had PE and did Go- getters with Mrs Liffen.

This week we have also made fact files linked to our independent research on woodland animals. In RE we have been discussing our 'Homes' as well as all the fantastic activities we did for 'Vision Week'. Year 3 made lovely bookmarks to remember #faith #action #success. They decorated stars with things they want to achieve this year, neater handwriting, better reader etc.

​​​​​​​We also wrote lovely prayers about the school and the importance of #The St Michaels Way. The children all participated brilliantly in Thursdays Assembly. 

In literacy we have been looking at the success criteria for a biography and comparing and contrasting what needs to be included. The children will be writing there own and developing 'Blogs'. 

Maths work has involved using number bonds to look at larger number addition and how to work out missing numbers on a 100 square. We are using our number skills to add larger amounts confidently.

Enrichment Fridays mean we get to study Welsh, Growth Mindset skills and also do Forest School Sessions. We also get to have Ukulele lessons  - how lucky are we !!!smiley

Please look out for reading books coming home next week and remember swimming starts on Thursday September 19th.

Many Thanks 

Mrs Harris & Mrs Sims


Week Ending 6th September

A busy first week settling into our new class. Year 3 have enjoyed getting to know Mrs Harris and Mrs Sims. In class we have been learning about our new topic and discussing activities that we would like to do this term. 

We have had great fun playing on the backyard and having our turn at 'football day'.

We have been getting use to our new classroom and all of the different areas. We are all looking forward to a fantastic year.

Mrs Harris & Mrs Sims