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Our Class Learning Journey!


Week Beginning 22nd and 29th April 2024


This week, Year 3 embarked on an exciting journey to Techniquest, delving into the heart of our topic's big question: "How things work." It was a day filled with wonder and discovery as we explored the interactive exhibits, engaging in hands-on activities to unravel the mysteries behind various scientific phenomena. From the marvels of physics to the intricacies of technology, our students eagerly immersed themselves in the world of science, broadening their understanding of the mechanisms that govern our universe.

In maths this week, we sharpened our addition and subtraction skills through a practical application: money. With coins and notes in hand, we ventured into the realm of financial literacy, mastering the art of counting, adding, and subtracting currency. Through real-world scenarios and interactive exercises, the children were able to recognise and use the money to complete column addition and subtraction sums which also included some run Math Snap games!

Our literacy journey reached a milestone this week as we completed our biography plans on none other than the great Sir Isaac Newton. Through meticulous research and creative expression, we delved into the life and legacy of this pioneering figure in science and mathematics. From his ground-breaking discoveries to his enduring influence on our understanding of the natural world, our students crafted insightful biographies that capture the essence of Newton's remarkable journey. This project not only enriched our literary skills but also instilled a sense of admiration for the great minds who have shaped human history.


Congratulations to our outstanding award winners! Your achievements in receiving the Golden Rules, Jesuit, and Welsh awards are truly commendable. Your dedication, hard work, and commitment have not only earned you recognition but also inspired others around you. Keep up the excellent work and continue to shine bright!


Another congratulation goes to our Year 3 winners of the TTRS Wales Rocks competition! Your dedication and hard work have paid off, and you've shown incredible skill in mastering your times tables. Keep rocking those math skills!

We have got off to a very fun start to our new school term…


This week we have completed some pupil voice to contribute to what we would like to learn, investigate and research for our new topic ‘How Things Work’ with a big focus on Inventions that changed our world. Everyone has come up with some lovely ideas and we are all very excited to start!


We started learning about money in Math over the past 2 weeks. We focused on the different British bank notes and coins and the value of them. We made specific amounts of money and discussed which coins we could use to make the different amounts. We all thought it was great that it tells us on the coins how much each coin/note is worth! Some of us have enjoyed playing some money snap games!


During RE we have been focusing on how we can show love to others like Jesus did when he died on the cross for us. We planned and acted out freeze frames to the main points of the scripture Gethsemane based on Mark 14:26-31, 32-46.


An inventor we have started to focus on is Sir Isaac Newton. This week we have started to learn all about gravity! We were all shocked to learn that there is gravity in space – it’s called microgravity. We have learnt that gravity pulls us to the centre of the earth and our moon is special because it has its own gravity!


Well done to our recent certificate winners - Keep up the excellent effort!


Even though the children have had 2 weeks off, spelling test scores the past 2 weeks have been A-M-A-ZING! Da Iawn Year 3 – Keep up the super effort!

We are very lucky in year 3 as we are currently having weekly music lessons and help to learn to play a violin and a cello. We had our first session this week and we absolutely loved it. We played games and asked lots of questions about the instruments and learnt the names of lots of the instrument’s features.





We were all very excited to meet and learn lots of information about Dougie the dog this week! He was so well behaved and we cant wait to have him attend out school on Thursdays.

Dougie isn't here to just look cute - he's actually working! He will be helping children with their reading, helping us talk through our feelings as well as other jobs around the school.




Da Iawn to our certificate winners this week! Keep up the excellent effort.




Our literacy genre this term is all about Instruction Writing. This week we looked at instruction writing examples and picked out all the features that we could see in all the example we looked at to build our success criteria for when we need to write our own set of instructions on ‘How to become a Roman Soldier’.




We had an informative visit from PC Gavin this week raising awareness on bullying. The different types of bulling, what we can do if we experience any bullying and why it is good to be kind!




Yum Yum – a tasty week for us!

This week was all about tasting Welsh foods! We drank some welsh tea and tasted welsh cakes, bara brith and some welsh cheddar.






For our monster phonics session today, our task was to find the matching words which were hidden all around the classroom.









Getting in to the Halloween spirit this week ready to celebrate during half term – we completed a problem-solving Halloween themed task practising our maths and literacy skills while completing it. We had lots of fun solving who the ghost was!





We had the time of our lives training alongside Olympic athlete Natalie Powell. Thanks for coming to meet us. We look forward to watching your journey to Paris 2024, and maybe you’ll see us in the Olympics one day.

Thank you for telling us your story and we remember ‘Winners never quit … Quitters never win’.






What a great week for these 2 super stars – winning our Golden Rules and Jesuit certificates this week!



This week we completed work on ‘Show Racism the Read Card’.

We discussed that sometimes we may say something in a conversation before we have time to think about the consequences. The consequences may be:

• How will it make other people feel?

• Will it make you feel guilty when you have said it?

• Do you really believe what you said?

• Did you intend to say it like that

We had several cards with statements on then decide whether:

1. You think people should think about it first and decide whether to say it or not.

2. You think people should say it without thinking about it.





Well done to our ‘Seren Gymraeg Yr Wythnos’ – Da Iawn!



Week 5 COMPLETE! The weeks are flying by…


This week we were lucky enough to perform some of the harvest songs we have been practising to our parents. We have been working so hard learning them and had so much fun. I’m sure all the parents would agree with me that the children performed amazingly!



We continued our learning on place value this week – some groups got to show what they have learnt by placing a fun place value game.






On Friday we were lucky enough to have a Census 1851 online workshop from the National Museum Wales. The children learnt so much about life in 1851, what a census was, why it is important and what type of information each person has to provide. They were very excited that they would likely be on the last census data recorded in 2021.




What a FUN week!



4th week of year 3 complete!


This week was our ‘other faiths’ week and we learnt many interesting facts about Judaism. We learnt lots about their place of worship and the important features of a synagogue.





Well done to our Jesuit virtue winner this week! You keep shining JJ!



What a day celebrating the Feast of St Michael. All the children were so well behaved during our whole school Mass this morning. We had so much fun learning about St Michael and buddying up with our buddy class in Y1 brainstorming lots of works to describe St Michael like brave, hero and saviour. We wrote some beautiful acrostic poems about him also.






Super week year 3!


Miss Wide

Another work filled week in Year 3.


We completed some pupil voice for our new topic of ‘Me and my Community’. The children told me what they already know and things they would love to learn during this topic. They come up with some very interesting ideas and this topic should be exciting.





Another week focusing on our collaborative problem-solving skills. We all really learning now how to carry out our job roles and team work is starting to shine through.


WOW!!! We loved our session with the song doctor this week. We played lots of different instruments and Made up out own song about our topic of me and my community. I think the song doctor was VERY impressed!




Another fantastic first week Year 3!


Miss Wide 😊

Another work filled week in Year 3.


The children thoroughly enjoyed their orienteering session they had this week (and so did the teachers). They focused on how to ‘set the map’ correctly moving to different point around the yard and the school.






SUPER well done to our year 3 pupil certificate winners this week! Keep up the excellent work.


This week we have started working on some collaborative problem solving. We all have our individual job roles in out group and work together to answer some tricky worded problems.






Another fun and fantastic first week!


Miss Wide 😊

We have got off to a SUPER start to our Year 3 journey and completed lots of fun activities!


We have discussed what we think is the best way to behave in the classroom. Some of the ways the children though of are ‘always trying our best’, ‘don’t give up if you find things hard’ and ‘be kind to your class peers’.


We have played lots of getting to know me games and had a ‘Teacher vz Pupils’ competition remembering different facts about each other! They all did SUPER well! We have also completed an ‘All About Me’ task to make a bunting for display outside our classroom so everyone knows how amazing the Year 3 children are!





The children have thought about what makes them happy and produced some amazing art work focusing on their outer self and what they look like and how we are all different, and then their inner self of all their favourite things and what makes them happy!






We have had some tests but I hope it hasn’t affected all the fun we have had together on our first week!


We played some fun games and ended the week with a cool down eating ice lollies!






Fantastic first week Year 3!


Miss Wide 😊



WC 3rd July 23 - What a fun week…



Our RE Topic 9 for year 3 is all about special places. This week we went on a Pilgrimage hunt around the school grounds. We are learning about special Pilgrimages around the world and finding out where they are in the world and who they are special too!












Our next genre in literacy is going to be news reports. This week we looked at all different news reports from lots of different TV channels. We all worked together to brainstorm a success criteria to follow when we try and make our own news report on the famous inventor we have researched.




Celebrating the Arts…


Access All ARTS 2023.

Year 3 have had so much fun completing the #AccessAllArts 2D Mark Making unit today. We have explored art work like @johannabasford and created our ‘all about me’ illustrations and also conducted some mark making using different art materials.




Bringing SPACE to St Michaels.

To celebrate our STEM week last week, we brought Space to St Michaels this week and gave the children a super fun experience. The children were able to learn lots of new facts and were also able to share all the facts that they learnt during STEM week. They were very impressed!





Italian is BACK!

We have been learning lots of new things in Italian this week! We have been learning new hobbies and the different Italian characters which represent those hobbies!


Another super fun week in Year 3…



This was our last week of having our first experience of learning how to play the recorder. The children enjoyed the sessions so much and we are very sad they have finished. As a little treat at the end of the session our tutor showed us some other instruments that she can play and played a song that we all knew…




Problem Solving…

This week we have has a massive focus on problem solving with the reasoning test coming up after half term. From our Maths INSET day Monday we have been using lots of the resources to help us. We really enjoy the Goal free tasks and working out what the answers could be from the worded problems…








Using Scratch!

Year 3 have been having fun using the scratch coding platform. Using the forever loop function to make their sprite follow the mouse! Some of them used other sprites and sounds for when they were in contact with each other!






Another fun week in Year 3…



This is our last but one week of learning how to play the recorders. We have now learnt 2 notes being A, B and G. This week we learnt how to play the song ‘Hot Cross Buns’ and all come out to the front to play! We were awesome!!!







Bring on Sports Day…

This week we had Nick Clements come in to do athletics practise with us. We practised so many great skills so are more than ready to take on sports day soon! We were all so well behaved and it was lovely to see the sportsmanship from all, but with a little bit of healthy competition.









We loved the challenge of our Blooket session today. We completed a session on a variety of skills that we have learnt so far this year. From fractions to our times tables and many many more…






All things fun in Dosbarth 3…


Pupils of the week…

Da iawn to our Jesuit certificate winner, our golden rules winner and also our welsh award winner for this week. Winners thins week for working hard, being persistent and being good role models. Excellent work all of you – Keep it up!



PE fun!

The children have so much fun during PE sessions. Using the Real PE platform has really made our lessons super fun and varied! This week consisted of working on our balance, concentration, team work and fun games!




Singing Fridays…

We had the lovely Theresa and Mike come in to school to help us learn some new songs for our Mass service next week. The children sounded lovely…



Celebrations Week in Dosbarth 3…



We have been doing lots of celebrating leading up to King Charles coronation this weekend. We have been out on the yard designing our own crowns using natural materials we found in the school grounds. We watched the Queen’s coronation video while eating biscuits and drinking squash so we have an idea about what the ceremony could be like at the weekend. Today we also finished off a fun week by designing our own coins!










Pupils of the week…

Da iawn to our Jesuit certificate winner, our golden rules winner and also our welsh award winner for this week. Excellent work all of you – Keep it up!




Now Press Play

We had another fun session using the Now Press Play app this week. We completed an adventure which related to a King. The children always have so much fun when using this resource; it allows them to understand the stories better as they are always so engaged!





Another busy week in Dosbarth 3…



Yesterday we had so much fun on our school trip to Techniquest. As our current topic is all about ‘How Things Work’ we were really able to see how lots of things work and found it all very interesting – BUT FUN! Everyone was so well behaved and thank you again to our parent volunteers who came along to give a help in hand – we appreciate it very much.








Our current genre that we are working on is biography writing. This week we looked at different examples of a biography and built a class success criteria so we know what features need to go in our biographies to be successful when we write them. We are going to be writing a biography on a famous inventor of our choice. I wonder who you’re all going to choose…







We are very lucky and have an Italian Teacher coming in on Fridays to help teach us some key phrases and songs in Spanish! This week we focused on different animals and key phrases! We are getting really good at speaking simple Italian now!


Our first week back…



This week in maths we focused on rounding to the nearest 10,100 and 1000. We played a 2 player game where the children had to place a cube of each over the numbers on their sheet, then take it in turns to remove a square. Whatever number was revealed they had to round it to the nearest 10, 100 or 1000 depending on what sheer they had. The player with the most cubes by the end of the activity won. We had fun while learning a new skill.






Learning to play the recorder…

This week we had a music teacher come in and help us learn to play the recorder. She taught us the correct way to hold the recorder and a couple of the different notes. We saw and sang some of the songs we are eventually going to be able to play. She is going to be coming in to help us every week until half term.




Pupil of the week!

Da Iawn Pawb! Well Done to our pupils of the week this week! You make me very proud to be your teacher J





We were very excited to have our PE sessions back on track this week and not only that but we were able to complete our session out in the sunshine!

We have started a new PE scheme called Real PE and learnt lots of new skills.

Let’s hope the weather is just as fine next week!




What a fun last week…



This week in maths we focused on finding multiples of numbers. We focused on finding multiples of the numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, and 10. We all understand that a multiple is a product of our times tables and the multiples of each number are never ending! We have homework on seesaw this week on multiples also…








As you know our current topic in Science is all about ‘Light’. This week we were challenged with coming up with our own ‘All about Light’ quiz to test our friends to see how much they currently know about light, and what information we can learn from each other. The children used the chrome books to help them find any interesting facts to share… We all found this so interesting and learnt lots more!








We had a very important classroom visit today from an extremely important guest…




The Easter bunny came to pay us a visit and dropped off the eggs some of us purchased to bring home!


Today we’ve had a lovely morning showing off our fantastic Easter bonnets that we all made. They were super impressive so Well Done Year 3! Fantastic Effort!



We have also been working in pairs to make a google slide/PowerPoint all about Easter. We have found lots of interesting facts and added lots of images.



What we have been up to…


Creative Schools

During our creative schools’ sessions this week we began by playing lots of fun games like Hey You, Yes You and Keeper of the keys!


We then began practicing our performance for our parents. Throughout our sessions over the past 2 months we have focused on the story ‘The Dragon and the Flag’ so we thought it would be a great idea to perform this story for our parents. We were all given our own parts and all had a part to play. We practised really hard.


When our parents come to watch we were all very excited. We also got to show our parents all the crafts we made, all the stories we wrote and all the super descriptions we brain stormed! The most exciting part was being able to take all our crafts home!


We think they parents really enjoyed and were all very proud! We said our goodbyes to Sarah and Serena and we are all going to miss them!














Year 3 and 4 ICT Session!

As year 3 are new to a lot of the fun ICT technology, myself and Mr Payne thought it would be a great idea to team our classes up together and for the year 4 children to help and guide us so we are able to explore some exciting apps and website to help us with our learning. We looked at google classroom, different fun devices on seesaw and also used a website called Blooket. Blooket was definitely a favourite and a one we will be reusing.






Week Beginning 6th March 2023



This week in RE we learnt all about Lent. We learnt all about:

  • When Lent starts,
  • How long it's for,
  • The story behind Lent,
  • How Lent is an opportunity for giving.

We also read and discussed ‘Jesus chooses God’s Way’ (based on Luke 4:1-13).


In our lesson we made our own Lenten promise showing how we can give of ourselves to others.




Creative Schools

During our creative schools’ session this week we played lots of fun games like Stand Tall, Bibbity Bop and Keeper of the keys! These games all work on our persistence, patience and listening skills.


Serena brought out a ‘Magic Scarf’ and we had to use our imaginations and act out what the scarf could be – the rest of the class had to guess! Some of the ideas we had were a cheetah, dragon wings, giraffe, a laptop and a sweeping brush.


We recapped the story of the Dragon and the Flag – the children remembered this really well thinking back to the actions they thought of to help them remember in a previous week. Super remembering skills by all!


We were then sent on a quest from the magpie to try and search for a time stone which we will be making with Sarah next week.


We discussed the journeys we take each day from school to home – do we pass any shops? Are there any parks on route? Do we cross over any bridges? We made maps and focused on preposition language like through, across, next to, above, up, beside etc to mark where the time stone could be and ‘X’ marks the spot! Where is the time stone going to be?


We showed some of our maps and described our route using our key preposition words and figured out that quite a few children make sure they walk past the pink shop (sweet shop) home!

We placed where we think the time stone is going to be on our map!


To finish our session, we shared some of our descriptive writing of what our time stone looks like, where we found it and if it makes any sound effects… some of us used super similes!








World Book Day 2023

We all really enjoyed celebrating World Book Day this week. We all loved coming into school in our PJ’s and bringing in our favourite book.


We partnered up with children in year 1 and read some pages of our book and had discussions with them giving reasons why they chose that book.


We also celebrated by completing a fact file on our favourite author, we found out which other books our authors had written and lots of facts about them.






Week Beginning 13th February 2023


Expressive Arts

This week we were lucky to have Gareth from Stick 2 to complete an EXPRESSIVE ART WORKSHOP to talk and show us all about the different singers and composers from Wales. We discussed composers like Carl Jenkins and singers like Sir Tom Jones, Catherine Jenkins and Shirley Bassey.


We looked at the map of Wales to locate where these famous composers/singers are from – we also looked at the marimba instrument and listened to the songs being played – it was great!

We also learnt a very interesting fact from the session...


Do you know why the leek is an emblem of Wales?

A long time ago there lived a Saint called David – he is the Patron Saint of Wales. He took part in a battle and welsh soldiers were fighting welsh soldiers – to avoid this he told every welsh solider to put a leek in their helmets so people could identify them to avoid this happening.



Creative Schools

During our creative schools’ session this week we played lots of fun games like Hey you, Yes you and Keeper of the keys!


Sarah recapped the stories and creatures that we discussed and designed last week. The children then had to draw their designs on paper before then creating them through playful experimentation of self-hardening clay. The children then talked about their creations using hot seating – what is this creature? Why did you design this creature? Does your creature have a name?


We also explored different Celtic lettering and wrote the openings of our stories, described the people or described our monster/myth created with the clay. Sara is going to make these fabric pieces in to a story time tepee for us to use in our classroom!












Last week we looked in to the different stages of a Mass Service. We watched a Mass service video then had to read all the different stages of Mass and attempt to put them in order. We did pretty well with this...

This week we learnt about The Eucharist Prayer and the last supper. The children had to act out the actions of the Eucharistic Prayer, freeze frame at important points and the children quess which part the children were recreating.




Week Beginning 6th February 2023

Our pupils of the week this week…

Well Done all of you! You make everyone very proud.



Wellbeing Week 2023

We completed lots of fun and engaging activities this week to celebrate Health and Wellbeing Week which theme was ‘Lets Connect’.

We had a theme tune of the week which was Paul Williams – You give a little love. The children loved this song. We enjoyed the song but also discussed the words used and what they meant to us and also what we thought the song was about. Here are some of our examples:








We also watched an animation called ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers. The children watched this animation and discussed some key points. Afterwards the children had to go into pairs and role play different sections of the book freeze framing their favourite parts. At the end of the lesson each group chose their favourite freeze frame and performed it to the class. The class had to guess which part of the book they were performing, thinking about body language, body heights and facial expressions. Here are some of our freeze frames:







To go on our Health and Wellbeing display we also decorated a person cut out and had to draw ourselves in order to reinforce and learn that we are all unique and to feel free to express ourselves, realising we are all different in our own way!



This week we looked in to the different stages of a Mass Service. We watched a Mass service video then had to read all the different stages of Mass and attempt to put them in order. We did pretty well with this...




Week Beginning 30th January 2023


Pupils of the week this week…

It was a tough choice – But these 3 stood out from the rest – Keep it up you guys! 😊




As you can see, we absolutely loved dressing up as rock stars again in Year 3. For numbers day this year we took part in a TTRS tournament and played our socks off to earn as much coins as we could! We did brilliantly.


We also completed lots of fun maths activities and you guessed it… WE ROCKED!!!!!







Creative Schools Project

This week we had the very lovely Sarah in from Page to Stage to help us with our Creative Schools Project. Sarah introduced us to lots of fun warm up games to warm up our voices and express ourselves. We discovered and created ideas of Celtic knots and lettering.

Everybody’s imagination was flowing and we created our own breastplates which soon became shields. Lots of imaginative play can now continue post project with these creations.

We first drew our ideas for the shields, either one image, a family crest and some of us wrote our names or words in the style of the Celtic writing and Celtic knots. Some of us noticed that the school logo was a Celtic Knot. We spoke briefly about the origins and how they were developed.

An explosion of imagination from all, the pupils were disciplined and after illustrating that Sarah can ‘mess up’ her shield that mistakes are good because we can learn from them and the importance of everyone’s creativity is different.

We also had an experience of sewing this week – A first for the majority of us and we loved it.








A visit from PC Gavin

We had a visit from PC Gavin this week reminding us and making sure we are aware of how to be safe online. We asked lots of interest questions and learnt so much!



Week Beginning 23rd January 2023


Well Done to Our Pupils of the week this week! You’re SUPER STARS!!!



Song Writing Doctor!!!

This week we were SUPER lucky to work with the song doctor all day Friday! It was super fun, we played ukuleles, played on garage band and we are now all officially song writers! We wrote our own class song about of topic myths and legends. We come up with all the words and we cant wait to hear the final result!







Creative Schools Project

This week we had the very lovely Serena in from Page to Stage to help us with our Creative Schools Project. We played lots of fun warm up games and Serena read us a fun story and we did the actions to the story to help us remember it! We freeze frame our actions concentrating on our expressions show body language and make sure it created to right effect for the part of the story. There was a HUGE dragon in the story so we all created our own dragons and wrote lots of similes to describe it!






Week Beginning 16th January 2023


This week we celebrated STEM week and we have been focusing on unplugged tasks, coding and life cycles.


Life Cycles

For our life cycles activity, we focused on the life cycle of a frog so it related to our whole school book of ‘Tuesday’ by David Wiesner.



We received an email from a very confused frog called Fay – she really needed help to understand the lifecycle of a frog and we were all very eager to help her.



We looked at the different stages of a frog’s life to become an adult frog. We researched the information we needed using the chrome books. We learnt that there are four main stages which are frogspawn, tadpoles, froglet and then grows to an adult frog. We also found lots of interesting facts about frogs. Did you know the largest species of frog is called a goliath frog?





For our coding activity we first of all discussed what coding is discussed that it is a process of writing in a language so that the computer programs know what to do when given an instruction. We discussed some of the things we use in everyday life that use coding to work. For example:

  • Computers
  • Mobile phones
  • Washing Machines etc

The children all attempted to give each other simples codes to do something.

For our task we wrote our own algorithms to direct animals to certain places. We used words like forward, turn right, left, and backwards.








This week we started our Creative Schools Journey with Serena and Sarah from Page to Stage. The children had the best day showcasing their imaginations and creative talents. From games, to role play to retelling stories! We can’t wait for next week already and can’t wait to focus on and explore myths and legends from Wales and beyond through drama.







Da iawn to our Golden Rules, Jesuit and Welsh award winners for this week! Keep up the excellent work. Very proud of you! 😊


Week Beginning 9th January 2023

We have got off to a very fun start to our new school term…


This week we have completed some pupil voice to contribute to what we would like to learn, investigate and research for our new top ‘Power of Reading’ with a big focus on Myths and Legends. Everyone has come up with some lovely ideas and we are all very excited to start!





We started learning about money in Math this week. We focused on the different British bank notes and coins and the value of them. We made specific amounts of money and discussed which coins we could use to make the different amounts. We all thought it was great that it tells us on the coins how much each coin/note is worth!





We are very lucky this term that we have an Italian Teacher coming in on Fridays to help teach us some key phrases and songs in Spanish! This week she shared with us the ‘True Story of La Befana’. We did lots of actions to the story and started to learn a really fun song called ‘Trullalla’.





This week during our RE session, we started our new topic of Journeys. We recalled the celebrations during the Christmas holiday. What events marked this time? What traditions does each family have for Christmas and the New Year?

We thought about the whole year, the school terms and the events at school and any personal celebrations. For example: family birthdays, family holidays, seasons and special days…

In groups we had the activity of plotting the events of a school week.  We had to think of the regular happenings and mark special high points.






Week Beginning 19th December 2022


First of all, a very Merry Christmas to you all and have a joyful break with all your loved ones!


We have had such a fun last week before or well earned Christmas break!

We have put out artistic skills to the test and been making lots of lovely Christmas crafts to bring home with us on our last day. Take a sneak peek...






We thoroughly enjoyed our class Christmas party that we had on Tuesday as you can see from some of these photos...






This week we also completed our Science investigation on 'How far can a toy car travel across different surfaces'. We are focusing on friction.






We have also watched one of our favourite Christmas Films... Christmas Chronicles 2!

Our Christmas visitor also left us lots of snacks to eat. I think he also enjoyed the snacks too, maybe a little too much...



Week Beginning 12th December 2022


Our super stars of this week...

Well done boys on winner our Golden Rules Certificate and Jesuit Award.

Keep up the amazing work! 

Week Beginning 2nd December 2022

Our Jesuit Certificate winner and Golden Rules winner for this week…

Da Iawn Bechgyn! Keep up the SUERP work at Excellent attitude in the classroom!




For a Christmas treat this week we visited Taff’s Well Hall and watched a fabulous Cinderella pantomime. IT WAS BRILLIANT! All the children (and adults) thoroughly enjoyed!







During our topic session this week we learnt a lot about the different skills needed for a variety of different jobs and professions. To end out session we had a little game of jobs charades. We had children pretending to be farmers, ballet dancers, pilots to name a few!






We can’t wait to see you all in our Christmas concerts next week. We have been doing lots of practising and trying really hard. We can’t wait to show you what we have been working on!

Week Beginning 2nd December 2022


Well done to our golden rule winner, Jesuit winner and Welsh award winner this week! Keep up the super work 😊




This week in Language we looked at the speech. One of the success criteria for our news report writing is to include direct speech. We learnt about the difference between direct speech and indirect speech and had a go at placing the speech marks in the correct places in different sentences.



Week Beginning 21st November 2022


Our super star golden rules and Jesuit winners this week…

Da iawn boys – Keep up the excellent attitude to your work and keep trying super hard!



This week we started our journey to writing our own newspaper reports. We looked at lots of different examples and identified all the important features. One of the features we really focused on was the different headlines. Our task was to match up lots of funny headlines to the correct stories. We discussed how the headlines were linked to the story but how they were written in an engaging way to catch the reader’s attention.




Beginning our new topic ‘Together Stronger’ one of the areas we are looking at is our future aims and ambitions. During our pupil voice session one of the things the children wanted to explore was the different job roles and to research lots of different information about the job they aspire to have when they grow up. We found lots of fascinating facts and what different qualities are needed in different professions.




Week Beginning 14th November 2022


Da Iawn to our Golden Rules, Jesuit and Welsh award winners this week in #dosbarth3 - You’re all super stars... smiley


This week celebrated Children in Need. We looked at what Children in Need is and how it all began. We had a poster competition in class and some beautiful Pudsey bears were drawn. The children had to include specific information on their posters. This information is below:




Week Beginning 7th November 2022


This week we had a visitor come in to our class to tell us some news that Year 3 are going to be involved in a very exciting Creative Schools project. With our visitor Gemma we looks at our strengths as learners and what weaknesses we need to work on. We also looked at the different creative habits of mind. We are all very excited for our project to start as we know it is going to be lots of fun.



Week Beginning 24th October 2022

SUPER Da Iawn to this weeks Golden Rules, Welsh and Jesuit award winners! You so deserved these super stars...



This week we carried out some independent research using the chrome books. We tried to research all about transport and what it was like back in the 1970’s. We found out lots of facts and some of the really surprised us.



Week Beginning 17th October 2022

This week in Maths we started to look at time. We recapped o'clock, quarter past, half past and quarter to. We still need more work on this, but the children really worked hard! Why don't you practice time at home? smiley



As this month is Black History Month, this week we looked at the theme for this year being 'Time for change; Action not words. We used this as an opportunity to learn, reflect and explore looking at how things once were and how we can learn from the past to create a better future.





SUPER Da Iawn to this weeks Golden Rules, Welsh and Jesuit award winners! You so deserved these super stars...


Week Beginning 10th October 2022


Dosbarth 3 loved their Rugby training session yesterday from @RhydyfelinRFC coaches. We practiced our kicking and passing skills. We can’t wait for next week for our second session! Diolch! #HealthyHarri #FaithActionSuccess yes


Da Iawn to our Golden Rules, Jesuit and Welsh award winners this week in #dosbarth3 - You’re all super stars smiley


This week we looked at two different levels of instruction writing— a year one example and a year three so we could see what is expected in our writing now we are in year 3. We looked at all the different features that have been used to build a success criteria for when we write our own set of instructions very soon.


Week Beginning 3rd October 2022


Well done to our Year 3 award winners this week - You're all AMAZING!! yes




Today we learnt that Jesus, and the light of his truth, help us see with the eyes of our soul, and spiritually face the right way. Jesus is the truth; his truth helps us face the right way and be open to receive love and to make the right choices.

After watching the video of ‘The Cure of the man born blind’ We played a game where we hid an item in the classroom from a blindfolded child and had other members of the class to direct them. This is similar to how God leads us, we don’t always know the right way to go or the right decisions to make but God will be there to guide us to do the right thing.



Week Beginning 26th September 2022

This week in #Dosbarth3 we learnt and celebrated St Michaels Feast Day. We watched a short story about St Michael, wrote acrostic poems about him and went into our Chapel and said a class prayer. #stmichaelsfeastday2022 #FaithActionSuccess #ethicalemyr πŸ’šπŸ’›

Penblwydd Hapus St Michaels!

#Dosbarth3 celebrated St Michaels 50th celebrations today dressing up in our 70’s costumes, learning lots of 70’s dance moves and making our own dances to classic 70’s music! Ask them to show you their new dance moves… πŸ•ΊπŸ’šπŸ’›

Faith, Action, Success

We also looked at our school vision. We thought about people who showed faith in the bible, small actions we can take to make a difference to ourselves and others and people we feel are a success and who inspire us.


Happy Birthday St Michaels!

Week beginning 19th September 

We've continued our work on making bionic hands from card. We've also been looking at what makes a good letter in language. In our RE work we thought about the Holy Family and how they showed love and care for each other. We had to imagine we worked in Tate Britain art gallery to describe Millais' "Christ in the House of his Parents".


Christ in the House of His Parents (The Carpenter's Shop)by Millais

Bionic hands

Week beginning 12th September

It has been our STEM week and the focus was Space. We've worked on bionic hands, astro art and also training like an astronaut. We joined ESA astronaut, Samantha Cristoforetti and Jaime from Cosmic Kids on a brand new adventure, Yoga in Space!

Astro-Art and Space Yoga