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Croeso i dudalen dosbarth pedwar.

Welcome Back 💚💛

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Week beginning June 15th


Hope you all had a great weekend (The sun came out towards the end). 

I really enjoyed speaking to most of you last week.  I will post an announcement on SeeSaw, to let you know which day I m planning to ring this week (to give you a heads up).


On seesaw, I have added these tasks:


Literacy:  WWW / EBI, persuasive letters.

              Add in the correct punctuation

              Add in the correct Speech marks and punctuation.


Maths  -  Halving 3/4 digit numbers (I have added a visual reminder of the method we have been

               using in class, but you can use different methods.  Whichever one works best for you.

               Problem Solving 1 -.   adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing.

            Problem Solving 2.  measurements, perimeter, decimals and negative numbers.


I have added the answers below this post.


R.E. -     

What makes you think the man in the picture is sorry for something?
How does this picture make you feel?
How do you feel when you have done something wrong?
What is the next thing you might do?
How does sin affect others and yourself?
What is contrition and why is it so important?
Why did Jesus say that it is no good putting gifts on the altar if you are not at peace with someone?

Week beginning June 8th


Diolch yn fawr to everyone who has been sending in their pirate work so far.  I have added a full menu of ideas for you, whilst you are at home.   As we are due back at the end of the month, we will have plenty of other pirate themes tasks to do then.

Aim to complete as many as you can and remember to take you time.  You have the whole term for this, so think carefully about what you doing and how you want the finished piece to be presented.


On seesaw, there are also additional tasks:


Literacy:  Using a variety of adjectives and verbs in sentences (look through the synonyms.  Which ones

                could you use to improve your writing?)

                Writing descriptive paragraphs for different story settings  - aim to write for all 3.

Maths  -  Adding and subtracting decimals (check the instructions carefully, as I don't expect you to

              answer every question).

               Long Division - How to.   Check out the links and have a go at your own examples, to

              practise.  I will be sending out tasks related to this, next week.

            Co-ordinates in 4 quadrants.  This is just a link for you to learn about how to work on this.


Science:   Fact or Fiction.

Looking at our topic on the ocean, can you create a comparison chart ?


On one side, would be fiction - what people believe about the ocean - look at the list below.  Try to choose at least 5.
On the other side would be the actual facts.  You'll need to conduct some research for this.


1.  There are floating islands of plastics in every ocean.
2.  Sharks are dangerous and hunt humans.
3.   Waves are highest near the shore.
4.  The salt in the sea is the same as what we use on our chips.
5.  The ocean gets deeper towards the middle.
6.  The ocean appears blue because it is reflecting the sky.
7.  Whales spray water through their blowholes.
8.  The Bermuda triangle is a dangerous place to visit.
9.  Algae are plants.
10. All parts of the ocean share the same salinity (have the same amount of salt).


If you can think of any of your own examples, please use those.



R.E.:    The parable of The Lost Sheep

           I have added a link to the story on seesaw: 


        After you have watched the story, think about these questions:

  • What did the story of The Lost Sheep mean to you?
  • Did it surprise you that the shepherd would go to find the one lost sheep?
  • What did you think the 99 others did?
  • When are the times you might see yourself as the lost sheep?
  • What does this story tell you about God?





Week beginning June 1st.


Hope you all had a fantastic half term and you are enjoying the weather.


On seesaw, I have added a new homework menu.  As it says on the instructions:

This, like the original menu for Blue Abyss, is only some of the ideas I will send out. Keeping it to these for now so it's easier to focus on certain task that will introduce you to pirates. Aim to complete at least 1 task for each section and please don't feel the need to work on them all, yet. These will be on the full menu next week and I'd rather you take your time and complete a task to a high degree, rather than completing them all, too quickly.


There are also other new task:

Maths:   Fractions on a number line.  This is not as straightforward as it first appears.  The

              denominators and different and some are top heavy.  Take your time.

            Area and Perimeter - creating irregular shapes.  I know some of you have chosen to do these

               already.  Think about how you can extend yourself. Will you 'split' your shape into different

               pieces to help you worm out the measurements?

           Emoji co-ordinates   -   building on our work from before half term, you will be plotting your

               own co-ordinates and also writing directional instructions. 


Literacy:   Diary Writing.  Think carefully about what you have done and experienced that day.

                 Think about your use of language, to make your writing more exciting,

            Writing clear instructions - Look at each of the pictures and try to work out what must

                 have gone wrong with the instructions.  Discuss how you would have solved the problems.

           Writing about yourself   -   Choose at least one thing from the list of ideas.   Write an

                extended piece on the theme.  Remember, you want the audience to be interested -think

                about how you will grab and keep their attention.   Next, record yourself talking about the

                theme - again, think about how the way you speak will make people want to listen.


R.E. - Research Paul the Apostle (video link on Seesaw)

  • Who was Paul?
  • Why did he want to go all over the world spreading the Good News?
  • How did he change?
  • What was the Good News that he gave?
  • Why did Paul think it was important for him to do this? 


Next - Write a diary extract, based on the events of Paul’s experiences on his journeys. Include a record of how you think he felt and why.



May 18th


More fantastic work sent in last week.  Really pleased with those who have taken feedback on board and re-edited their work.

I've also been sent some additional tasks that you have chosen to work on yourselves.  Some interesting experiments with light, nature walks, family exercise, research into the world around us etc.


Last week, I added two tasks on the features of a news report.  Please remember to do the WWW/EBI task first and the carefully plan your own news report.  The ones I have received already have been of a very high standard - great forward planning, taking into account the work you have done on this over the last few weeks and finished articles that have included everything on the success criteria.

As stated on the task, this is not something to finish quickly. Pleas take your time.


This weeks tasks


This weeks tasks are related to the features of information texts and instructions.

I will be adding an instruction writing task later on this week, to give you a chance to work on the WWW/EBI task first.

You have been fine tuning your use of descriptive vocabulary over this term - sorting words, thinking of synonyms, writing descriptive sentences etc.   Your new challenge is to look a the pictures added and write a short descriptive story, using at least 50 words.  Please read ALL the task instructions carefully.



- Co-ordinates (in 1st quadrant for now  - we will be expanding on this).

- Multiplication and division practise - I have linked a website for you to generate your own questions.  Remember, you can keep practising whenever you like.  Maybe,try out a different combination per day.

- Multiplication and division word problems.



Look at the story attached below.

Using the story of the Ethiopian, write an article for the parish newsletter showing an understanding of the story, and making links to how Christians spread the Good News today.

Homework Menus:


As a reminder, you should aim to cover as many tasks as possible this term.  The initial aim was to try to do at last 2/3 a week, alongside the Maths, Literacy and other work that is posted on Seesaw.  If you feel like you have not worked on too many so far, think carefully about which ones you think you could work on first and see how much time you have over the next few weeks.

Tick off as you go along.  We will be moving on to including pirates after half term, so the homework menu tasks will include this theme as well as more tasks linked to Blue Abyss.

Blue Abyss

May 11th


If you check out your see saw account, I have added some new tasks.



- WWW/EBI - features of a news report.

- Create your own news report.  PLEASE complete the previous task first and read the instructions carefully.

- Using a variety of verbs.  Choose improvements for the words provided and then orally record your own sentences, using these words.  When creating your own sentences, remember to also include impressive adjectives.



- probability, using fractions.  This is the next step from last week's work on the language of probability.

- creating different graphs : follow the instructions on what to do, using Hwb.

- Creating and measuring angles : follow the instructions on what to do, using Hwb.



Please access your hwb account to complete the Maths activities.

There is also a link on see saw to an informative video on e-safety.  After you have watched the video, use the boxes linked to the task, to write down what you have learnt.



I have added tasks for our current R.E. topic, New Life.


May 4th


I am really impressed by all the work being submitted on the different platforms - particularly on seesaw.


I am adding tasks every Monday and sometimes during the week.  There is no need to feel like you have to hurry to do everything.  Choose a task and spend time to read the instructions carefully and think about what you need to do.  for some tasks, I have added links to useful tutorials on how to complete the work.  As you are online, take the time to research more information to help you understand the learning, further.


Maths -  I am introducing new tasks that you may not have done before.  The work sent in so far on Mean, Median, Mode and Range has been brilliant.  You have thought of different ways of collecting data and even worked with decimal amounts.

This week, I have introduced PROBABILITY.  I hope the videos and games help.  Remember, you can ask someone at home to help explain it or look for further information yourself.  If you're still stuck, just write me a note and I'll try and help you out smiley.


Literacy - I have added oracy tasks this week.  1.  Choose pages from your current reading book and describe the images the words conjure up in your head.  Think carefully about how the words are inspiring your imagination.

2.  Read the poem, 'My teacher ate my Homework'.  Practise first and think about how the words flow and how quickly/slowly you will read.  Also, will you emphasise certain words and use different expression for different sentences?

There is also a descriptive vocabulary task and one on labelling Informaion texts.   Can you guess what you might be asked to do next week?


R.E. - Some lovely work has already been sent in from work I put on seesaw last week.  One on Genesis and the other on Pentecost.  There is still time to think about these and add your work (if you haven't already).


Science - I have added two science specific tasks.  One is a literacy task - listening to a story about Shark Lady and answering the comprehension questions.  For the second question, think of the variety of way she has helped scientists understand sharks.  Also, there is one on food webs, related to our previous work on food chains.

A New Term


I have been so impressed by all the different work coming in.  I am constantly updated with brilliant task work on see saw.  I know quite a few of you have enjoyed using the blog.  It is great to see you sharing examples of your work, sharing ideas (like useful websites) and additional work (for those looking for more to do! wink).  I have also smiled reading some of your comments to each other, writing responses to others' work and also asking how everyone is.


I am loving the self correction you are doing too.  Writing me notes to let me know you have spotted errors and then changing them and also working proactively to check and improve your work if I write you a note with regard to a mistake.  


Log ins - I have had several messages with regard to log ins.  I'm sure everyone is happy with using the different sites, but any problems, just write me a note on see-saw.

As a reminder, these are the sites you should be accessing:




Activelearn - I know a lot of you have been enjoying the games.  I have added more and also some problem solving tasks.  The tasks will require thinking time - so read the information carefully and use pencil and paper to write notes.


Giglets - I know lot of you have been accessing and reading the books but please make sure to try out the reading tasks.  If a task has not been marked, please check that you have answered all the questions. 

I have added plenty of reading material for you and I'm so happy with the responses on see-saw, reviewing your books and letting me know how much you are enjoying reading.


Hwb - Remember, the Blue Abyss 'Science Key' homework task can be completed here.

Go  to Just2easy and then J2data and it's the application called BRANCH.

Select a range of sea creatures, then sort them using different questions.  Each question should have a YES or NO answer.  Each 'branch' will keep going until there is only one creature left at the end of it.

If you are looking for other ideas for HWB, check out our class blog on see-saw, to look at some shared examples.  Some pupils have been coding, using Scratch and Logo (J2code).

Home Learning


It has been great seeing all the different work online so far.  A brilliant variety of work too and using different resources.  I have also enjoyed seeing enjoyed hearing about all the other activities that you have doing with your families.


Look below for information on the different ways you can add and create homework online.


With your homework tasks (in the pack), remember to first have a go independently.  If you are in the panic zone, ask for some help and then when you feel ready, work through a few more questions by yourself.  If there is anything you want more practise with, there are plenty of games on your ActiveLearn accounts.


Online Learning Platforms. 


Seesaw - An online platform where I have added the homework menus, interactive games, and a range of resources to support pupils at home. 

If you have any websites or resources you'd like to share with others, let me know.  I have quite a few useful examples.  Also, if there is anything you'd like me to add, just ask and I'll see what I can do.

We also have our own class blog on Seesaw.  Some of you have added your excellent examples and even written messages to each other about your work.  This is voluntary and I have to accept before anything is shared.


Giglets - Online reading website. You will have assigned books and additional tasks:

HOT (Higher Order Thinking)  tasks and Reading comprehension questions.  Remember to aim to extend your answers with as much information as possible.  I have read some brilliant answers which demonstrate a solid understanding of the text, so well done.

I have recently added plenty of new books and tasks to keep you going.  I have made sure to add a few books that are linked to our new topic.


Hwb - welsh Government site. Click the J2e (Just 2 easy) icon to access lots of applications to help you create, write, code etc.  I reminded everyone about J2data - you can use this to create graphs and databases, to record and present any collected data.  The Branch app will help you create a Science Key (helpful for one of the tasks on the new homework menu).

Holy Week:


Some of you have already worked on our Holy Week writing task - to write a diary of this week, written from the viewpoint of one of Jesus' disciples.  


On seesaw, I added a link to a short video to watch as a reminder of the events of Holy Week.


Some pupils also wanted their work added to the blog, so you could check these out to help you.  Remember, if it is a recount but try to write it as if you were there -

I thought … ;  I saw … ;  He said to me …  etc.



I have also added a few more little activities to help you remember Jesus as we head towards Easter.


Homework Menus

              The Romans are coming!



Autumn Term.

Our Topic this term is Wild Wood.


Our R.E. topic is Called (learning about the sacrament of Confirmation).


Our P.E. day is Monday.


We are also having ukulele lessons every Tuesday.


Can all pupils bring in wellies to aid their outdoor learning?   ~Diolch yn fawr.



Week beginning 2nd December


For Science, we have been learning all about the water cycle.  We have learnt some new words:

Evaporation, Condensation and Perspiration.   Can you remember what these are and explain them to someone else?


This led to us looking at what happens to water when it reaches different temperatures.  We acted out molecules in a solid, thena  liquid and finally a gas.  We had some very energetic gas molecules!


We also learnt about different natural and man made materials.   Which ones can you remember?


MATHS: We have been learning about area and perimeter.   We used our new skills to work on a problem solving task - thinking of re-forestation, we had to work out how big an area we need depending on how many trees we have to plant.



LITERACY:  We have been learning all about Neil Armstrong and the first successful mission to the moon.  This helped us pretend to be Neil and write diaries about one of the most exciting and important weeks in his life.

We also had to recruit astronauts for a new mission  to space, thinking about the job requirements and the strengths and weaknesses of all the candidates.


Week beginning November 11th


Mathematics - Graphs this week.  We used our tallies from last week to create a bar graph and also created scaled graphs using discrete data and also looked at other scaled graphs, correctly finding information to answer questions.

We also started comparing fractions, using more than/less than symbols and some of us started simplifying fractions.  We will continue working on fractions next week.


Literacy - Thinking about 'The Ghost Girl',  we have begun to plan our own ghost stories.  

We have practised extending the vocabulary we use and trying to incorporate more adjectives, verbs and adverbs in our writing.  Then, everyone planned their own stories, thinking about a beginning, middle and an end.  Next week, we will be writing our first draft.


Topic/Science:  Thinking about the world around us, we have been learning about what happens to our waste products.  We looked at how long different materials take to decompose - using this knowledge to create a timeline.  Did you know, it is believed that glass takes up to 1 million years to decompose.  That's if it actually decomposes at all!   

What can we do to help?  We looked at recycling and sorted items into different categories.  We also looked at things that we can not recycle, like plastic bags - meaning we have to re-use them and teey to look for alternatives.

Everyone created an informative poster to persuade people to recycle correctly, then assessesed their finished work, thinking about WWW and EBI.

Week beginning November 4th


Croeso yn ôl.  


This week for maths, we have been partitioning numbers to help us double and halve them.  Can you use the method at home?  We also thought about healthy foods and collected data in the form of a tally, to record which healthy foods people like to eat.  Next week we will be using this data to create graphs.


We have also started to listen to the audiobook 'The Ghost Thief'.  Ben has been hearing strange sounds and objects have started to go missing.  Is it the girl from the lake and will Aiden believe Ben?



For Science, we labelled the different parts of a bird and thought about the differences between them and us.  Why have they evolved to use wings?  Why do they have feathers?


Lots of excellent homework has been coming in.  Lots of glossaries, drawing of habitats, facts about different woodland creatures etc.  These are just some of the brilliant 3D habitat/animal creations that have come in, using repurposed materials:


Week beginning September 23rd


The children loved the adults visiting our class on Wednesday.  We were busy with our topic (Wild Wood), thinking of different creatures you'd find in the woods and then sorting them.  First, using a Venn diagram, to arrange animals into 3 categories  - herbivore, carnivore or omnivore.  Then, researching different creatures, to sort them into the correct habitats.


To celebrate the feast of St.Michael's, pupils chose what to create to remember his actions.  They created excellent prayers, posters and comic books.


For maths, we have been practising our 6 times tables.  We took part in some practical, problem solving activities, using our 3 times tables to support our learning.



We have finished reading Christophe's story (don't forget to check it out on ActiveLearn) and created character profiles for the main character, thinking of and using a variety of adjectives to describe him and his actions.    


Homework Menus have gone home and we've already a brilliant variety of work brought in.  Morgan shared this amazing 3D spider with us.  It's currently sitting atop our class tree.

Week beginning September 9th


Thank you to all the parents/guardians who took out the children to local forests / woods.  The children have been able to share great insights and brought in lovely items to aid discussion.


We have been creating different fact files based on different wild life in the woods.  The class have mind mapped different ideas for what they want to learn this term and we have plenty of fantastic ideas to work with.


For our R.E. topic, we have looked at Jesus' family tree and are currently learning about his different ancestors.


Our current Literacy book, Christophe's Story has just been added to ActiveLearnPrimary, so make sure to check it out to help remind you of the different events in the story.