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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

Our topic this term is Blue Abyss. Our current RE topic is New Life.


Our PE day has changed to Monday. Our outdoor learning day is on Wednesday.



Investigating Sound - 30/04/19

Today as part of our science, we've been investigating sound and how different instruments work - nobody passing through the hall stayed for very long!

A mystery percussion instrument 


Just Like a Roman Group 5

Still image for this video
Group 5's video - look out for Ben's grapes!

Just Like A Roman 4

Still image for this video
This group coped well in spite of the green screen seeming to shrink, they were full of enthusiasm.

Just Like A Roman 3

Still image for this video
The girls in group 3 coped well with a falling green screen, carrying on regardless.

Just Like A Roman Group 2

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Group 2's video.

Just Like A Roman Video 1

Still image for this video
Group 1's take on the Just Like a Roman song.

Drumming Workshop 4th April

Drumming Workshop 4th April 1
Drumming Workshop 4th April 2
Drumming Workshop 4th April 3
Drumming Workshop 4th April 4
Drumming Workshop 4th April 5
Drumming Workshop 4th April 6
Drumming Workshop 4th April 7
Drumming Workshop 4th April 8
Drumming Workshop 4th April 9

Drumming Workshop 4th April

Still image for this video

3D Shape Nets with Natural Materials

Friction & Newton Meter Investigation

Friction & Newton Meter Investigation 1
Friction & Newton Meter Investigation 2
Friction & Newton Meter Investigation 3
Friction & Newton Meter Investigation 4
Friction & Newton Meter Investigation 5
Friction & Newton Meter Investigation 6

Making our own Roman Soldiers

Roman Soldier Drill Practice

Roman Soldier Drill Practice 1
Roman Soldier Drill Practice 2
Roman Soldier Drill Practice 3
Roman Soldier Drill Practice 4
Roman Soldier Drill Practice 5

February 2019

In RE we have been working on our new topic "Giving and Receiving". 


In our language work we started reading the Caroline Lawrence book, The Thieves of Ostia. In response we have been writing diary entries and newspaper articles, as well as using it to work on using speech marks and more adventurous vocabulary.


In maths, we've looked at 3D shapes, we made nets outside with natural materials. We've also been finding the perimeter of 2D shapes.


For our science work, we investigated force meters, measuring using Newtons. We investigated how much force was needed to drag a trainer across different surfaces. We've also been using magnets to sort items, as well as thinking about how magnets are used at homes.


During our topic work, we have looked at how the Roman Empire spread and also at the Roman army and daily life of Roman soldiers. We had a go at some drill practise outside and made Roman soldiers of our own. We've also learned about Roman numerals.

Photos from week beginning 28th Jan

Week Beginning 28th January


This week we have been completing our Wordsmith work on Incredible Sports, the children wrote their own news articles on sports they think are incredible. In maths we were rounding and using this to estimate answers to problems.

In our RE work we have been thinking about how the parish community comes together to support each other at times of bereavement, we watched some video clips from a funeral mass too. We've been learning more about the Roman Army as part of our topic work, we found out that 18 of our family members could have joined up, but it would mean 25 years service so nobody was keen! There were some excellent sequences being created in PE too.

Hope everyone has enjoyed the snow day.

Week beginning 21st January

RE this week we've been looking at how parishioners are involved in the life of the parish as well as the links between us living our lives and sharing our faith, & Jesus' apostles and the other disciples sharing their faith and the Good News.

In Maths we've been recapping subtraction using different methods and looking at subtracting to 2dp. Some of the children wrote their own problems as well as solving missing digits number stories:


  6 [ ] 2 4 [ ]

- 4 [ ] 3 2 9  

  1 [ ] 9 [ ] 9


We've continued finding out about new and unusual sports in our Wordsmith language work, this week it was Bog Snorkelling, Toe Wrestling, Cheese Rolling & Mountain Unicycling. The children have been thinking about which sports they would be interested in trying and debating whether they are actually sports or not.

Bog Snorkelling

As part of our topic work we've been singing about being Just like a Roman and looking at the spread of the Roman Empire, we also worked on using Roman numerals, doing some work outdoors to convert dates.


Week Beginning 14th January

What a fun end to the week! This afternoon, we've been investigating how far a car will travel down a ramp when you increase the height of it. The fact that the children chose to stay in and work through their afternoon break showed their enjoyment, there were lots of shouts and cheers as we worked.


In our RE we've been thinking about the people and groups involved in our parish community, what they do and who they help. We've also been using the new prayer resources, linked to the parent newsletter that was sent out on Wednesday.


In language we've continued learning about different sports; we role-played interviewing korfball players, as well as looking at different text types & finding examples of facts and opinions. Our maths work has involved using our place value knowledge to solve number problems.


We used what we had learnt in language to write play scripts telling part of the myth of Romulus and Remus and the beginnings of the city of Rome. We also researched the different ruling systems of Rome - Kings, the Republic and Emperors - trying to persuade others which system was best.


Next week please can wellies be brought in on FRIDAY if they are not already in school. Thanks.

This Week in Year 4

Week Beginning 7th January 2019

Welcome back! We've had a lovely week settling back in. As it's the start of a new term, we've been starting new topics and units across different subjects.


In RE we have begun to look at the topic Community. We've thought about what communities we are a part of (class, school, church, local area, clubs etc) and the commitments and responsibilities that are involved. The children have also led collective worship in class.


In maths we have been completing a baseline assessment of CLIC & SAFE tests for Big Maths, which will now play a bigger part in our maths lessons. We've also worked on some problem solving activities, all of us (including myself) were reminded of the importance of reading the questions properly.


We are completing a non-fiction Wordsmith unit, finding out about incredible sports. So far we've read reports on Disc golf and Bossaball (take a look on Youtube), we've identified different features of journalistic writing & had a go at improving a boring article by rewriting it.

Bossaball game

We've also investigated moving toys as we are looking at Forces, so have thought about how they work and to begin our Romans work, the children have identified A LOT of questions that they would like to find the answers to during our work.

                Pupil voice - children's questions about the Romans

This term we will be doing PE on a Wednesday and alternating outdoor activities between a Tuesday & Friday (Tuesday next week).

Most of the children took their homework books home this afternoon (1 or 2 were left behind so will go out next week), the homework sheet that is linked below gives the children a number of options to choose from.

The Romans Are Coming! Homework Menu

Week Beginning 17th December

Well what an end to the term! Monday and Tuesday absolutely flew by as we sang carols in Tesco's during the mornings,  before performing our Christmas production - Bethlehem The Musical in the afternoons. I can honestly say that with only 2 weeks to practise, the children did brilliantly. We also enjoyed Christmas dinner on Wednesday.

The children have been finishing off and looking at their work over the term, so we've reviewed our learning for Burps, Bottoms and Bile and ended our RE topic "Gift".


The children should have brought home a letter about our next topic - The Romans Are Coming! as well as a copy of our handwriting letter formation sheets.


Finally, thank you for the thoughtful gifts and cards I have received this week, as well as the support given over the term. I hope everyone has a happy, holy and healthy Christmas. See you in the new year.

Week Beginning 10th December 2018

We're all played out as we reach the weekend. We started off the week with a visit to Aberdare and thoroughly enjoyed watching the pantomime Jack and the Beanstalk. We also enjoyed watching dress rehearsals for Nursery and the Foundation Phase, before doing our own performance for the FP classes to watch.

*Please can all outstanding costumes be sent in on Monday.*


Around all the performing, we've still managed a reasonable amount of work! In our RE we looked at Gaudete Sunday and the gifts brought by the Wise Men. In Maths we worked on Problem Solving, some of which was done with a Christmas twist. We investigated whether our foot size and the distance we can jump is linked to our height as part of our science work.



Week Beginning 3rd December 2018

Another busy week, for our Wordsmith work we've been reading James Carter poems, including poems about the night sky, as well as thinking about syllables while reading, a haiku triptych.

In Maths we worked on subtraction, while our topic work included looking at a variety of skeletons and sorting them in different ways. We continued our RE work on the topic, "Gift", thinking about how and why Christians prepare for Christmas during Advent.

We showed off our socks on Thursday for Cancer Research (see our tweet


We started our rehearsals for "Bethlehem - the Musical" this week, children have brought costume letters home and will be bringing their lines home to practise at the start of next week.


Finally, thanks for all donations that were sent in today.

Week Beginning 26th November

This week we started our final RE topic of the term - Gift. We were thinking about the gifts that friendship brings and shared a couple of stories about being a good friend. The children wrote about the qualities they would like in an ideal friend.

In our language we have continued with our poetry work. We started the week by looking at two more of Grace Nichols' poems - Cat-Shots and Cat-Value - before going on to write our own Pet-Value poem using our own metaphors. We then moved on to look at some performance poems by James Carter.

In Maths we looked at using tables to help us find patterns and solve problems. We tried to find how the numbers in sequences were changing as well as to work out what the ?th number would be in a sequence.

As part of our science work we found out about antagonistic muscles and how they work in pairs. We also talked about the importance of hygiene.

Week beginning 19th November 2018

Year 4 have got lots done this week. We've been reviewing our learning in our RE topic "Called", thinking what it means to be called and chosen.

We started our new Wordsmith poetry unit, looking at poems written by Grace Nichols. In response to them, the children wrote some lovely poems of their own about the sun, using metaphors and personification.

The children continued their work on fractions, looking at the link with decimals before moving onto multiplying and dividing by 10/100/1000. 

We've been finding out about bones in our science work, we also practised using alphabetical order with our bone vocabulary list. As part of our topic work Mrs Liffen did a digestion demonstration, which was interesting but quite disgusting too, especially when the waste got squeezed out at the end!


Homework to be ready for Monday 3rd December was for children to prepare (it doesn't have to be learnt by heart) a short poem to perform for the class.



Week Beginning 12th November - Vision Week

We've been thinking a lot about our school vision this week. We started on Monday by looking at what faith means. The children found stories in the old testament where people had shown their faith in God and retold them in their own words. We had stories of Abraham, Noah, David, Gideon, Shadrach and Elijah among others.

Shadrach and friends in the fire with Jesus

We thought about Action on Tuesday. We shared a lovely story, with actions, about a man who is trying to save as many starfish as he can. He knows he can't save them all but his small action makes a difference to the ones he is able to help. We decided to make pledges to take some action of our own that could make a difference.


For our work on success we watched a video about successful failures - well known people who overcame problems & difficult starts to become successful in their chosen field. We though about what they all had in common to make a mindmap.

Success Mindmap

We used what we had been thinking about to write our own Vision prayers and ended the week with a visit to Church for Mass, where the children were very well behaved.


Week Beginning 5th November

It's been a funny week in Year 4, as I feel like I've hardly seen the children but it was great to come back to hear that Miss Richards, our supply teacher, thought they were such a lovely class.

As part of our RE we were working on the story of how Jesus called Andrew and Peter, James and John to follow him. We chose one of them and imagined them writing a letter to their families to explain why they had left their homes.


In our language we completed our work on the novel Christophe's Story by writing our own stories, organising them in paragraphs and trying to use adverbials and connectives.


In our maths we have been doing column addition and subtraction, using the compact and expanded methods.

Column subtraction examples    Expanded addition example


We designed posters & information leaflets about why people wear poppies & also made our own pinwheel poppies for our class altar and for the front of school display.


Some of the children's pinwheel poppies on our prayer table.


HOMEWORK - The children have been reminded that work on the digestive system is due next Friday. They have also been asked to find out about the life of a saint, as part of our work on confirmation. 


Have a good weekend!



We've had a very busy end to the half term but it's been worth it as we've got a lot out of our Healthy Eating work. Our focus this week was on snack bars.


On Monday, we tasted different bars, gave our opinions and rated them out of 10. We also used the prices of the bars to work on some money problems in our maths. We investigated and evaluated the packaging and compared the nutritional value of the bars.


On Tuesday we sent groups around the school to carry out a survey in each class. Their job was to find out which was the most popular cereal bar. We then collated the information to create tally charts and bar graphs that showed the results for Foundation Phase or Key Stage 2.


Wednesday saw the class doing division in maths, including working out nutritional values for individual foods. We also designed our own wrappers for bars.


On Thursday, after a few false starts, we made our own snack bars. As part of our maths we were comparing prices of bars from different supermarkets.


Finally to end the week we've tasted and evaluated our own snack bars - reviews ranged from "yummy" and "delicious" to "too disgusting to eat"!


Have a good half term.

Week beginning 15th October

This week we have started our new RE topic - Called. We are thinking about what it means to be chosen and called.

In Maths we've been measuring and converting measures. We've also been trying to solve word problems, thinking about using diagrams to help.

Measuring rounded shapes using string   Measuring the string used with a ruler   Measuring using multilink


We've continued reading Christophe's Story, we also read an extract about an evacuee to compare the story with.

After watching our eggshell dissolve in vinegar last week, in our science we used cabbage water to test different drinks so that we could find out if they were acidic.

Acid testing outdoors   Acid testing outdoors 2   Close Up of Cabbage water test


Week Beginning 8th October

Well in spite of our INSET day on Monday we've still managed to fit a lot in to the week!


We have had the first of our "Other Faiths" weeks, looking at Judaism. We've been learning about the importance of the Torah and also at Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, thinking about how young Jewish people celebrate this important ceremony.


Gold torah scroll


In Maths we have been looking at telling the time to the minute and also finding time intervals, using tv guides and timetables for trains and flights. You may have seen our outdoor clocks on twitter.

We started reading Christophe's Story this week in our language sessions. We learned a bit about the civil war in Rwanda as part of the background to the story. We thought of questions we have about what we've learnt so far from the story, used evidence from the book to show if statements were true or false and we have also done some drama to try to work out alternatives for how the characters behaved in certain situations.


Christophe's Story book cover



Week beginning 1st October

This week we have carried out another tooth-related investigation. After finding that orange juice caused the most damage to our eggs, we wanted to try to find out why. We placed one egg into water and one egg into vinegar to see what would happen. After two days the egg shell had disappeared on the egg in vinegar. We know now that this is because vinegar is an acid!


Egg in vinegarEgg in vinegar


In our RE we have come to the end of our topic on People. Part of our celebration of learning involved us thinking about where we come from, we now know that this means more than just the place you were born, but also that our ancestors and family are part of where we come from too. We also thought about how we will take our learning forward by showing respect for our families so hopefully that will have a noticeable impact at home! Next week we will be learning about Judaism.


In Maths we have been working on the 6 and 9 times table, using multiplication and division. We have also been finding fractions of numbers. In our language work, we finished our Space Explorer unit by planning and writing a biography for Ruth Armstrong, a biologist who went on to become an astronaut on the first mission to Mars!


Our next Wordsmith unit is based on the book, Christophe's Story by Nicki Cornwell. The story is about a young asylum seeker from Rwanda, who finds the courage to share his story with his new classmates. If anyone would like to know more about the book please let me know.



Week beginning 24th September

We had a lovely day celebrating the Feast of St Michael. After our prayer service, we spent the morning making comic strips telling the story of St Michael's battle. We thoroughly enjoyed the pantomime, the lion was a highlight for us all. It was also great to see how many children from the class attended our school masses, Year 4 were definitely well represented so thank you to all families who were able to come.

As well as our work on St Michael, in our RE unit this week we have been focussed on the stories of Ruth, King David & his son Solomon and also Joseph, the husband of Mary. The children tried to use their wisdom, like Solomon did, to solve problems,

We're drawing to the end of our Space Explorer unit in Language. We've been working on frontal adverbials and using nouns and pronouns appropriately in order to write a biography next week for our chosen space mission .


Egg after 10 days in milkEgg after 10 days in waterEgg after 10 days in diet cokeEgg after 10 days in squashEgg after 10 days in cokeEgg after 10 days in orange juice


We finished our egg investigation this week, the egg that we'd put in orange juice had the most damage as a lot of the shell had dissolved/disintegrated. This surprised us as we'd expected the egg in the coke to be the worst but although it had cracked and some of the egg was leaking out it wasn't as bad as the orange juice. We were definitely glad that we emptied them outside though, the milk especially was disgusting!

Week Beginning 17th September 2018


We've been busy this week investigating how different drinks affect our teeth. We are using eggs and they have been sat in a variety of drinks since Monday - the smell in Year 4 is certainly interesting! We're egg-cited to see how they look when we come back next week.


Egg in orange juice Egg in water Egg in milk

Our RE has been interesting as we've been looking into the family tree of Jesus. Our focus this week has been on Abraham and Isaac, followed by Jacob and Joseph. It gave us a good excuse to listen to a few songs from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat!


Joseph Dreamcoat Sign


In our 'Space Explorer' Wordsmith topic we have been thinking about the challenges that would be faced in a manned mission to Mars, as well as the qualities needed to deal with them. In Maths we have worked on place value and comparing numbers using > and <.


We enjoyed our workshop on Healthy Eating from Techniquest, some of us more than others. I'm not sure many of the children are going to be asking parents to add bugs to the shopping list though!


Finally, a reminder that next Saturday (29th) we will be having school masses at both St Dyfrig's (5pm) and All Hallows (6.30pm) to celebrate our Saint's day. It would be lovely if everyone could attend one of the masses to support us.


St Michael prayercard image

Welcome Back!


Well our first full week in Year 4 has been a busy one. We started the week with our new Wordsmith topic - Space Explorer - we have been looking at applications for a space mission and finding the qualities needed by reading part of a biography about Neil Armstrong. (A Huge First Step has been added to children's ActiveLearn accounts)


In our maths we have been looking at bonds for multiples of 100, the children have a linked homework sheet in their purple books and a new game on ActiveLearn. In RE we have started our topic about People by looking at our families and the different names in our family trees. The children thought of some interesting questions that they would like to answer about their ancestors and found out some great facts, some are named after family members and one ancestor helped build part of Cardiff Castle!


In our topic work we have been looking at the different teeth we have, their functions and also at the different parts of a tooth. We have planned an investigation into how different drinks affect our teeth, which we are looking forward to carrying out next week. We also found out some fascinating facts about teeth:

Did you know that crocodiles

have the strongest bite of any animal?

We read The Enormous Crocodile this week and are now looking forward to finding another toothy story.


Finally, today we have all enjoyed our first skills day, we did PE with Mr McNally, Welsh with Mr Davies and ICT with Mrs Thomas. We are looking forward to our future lessons with them!


Year 4 2017-18

Week beginning 9th July


The class has been working hard on our Come and See scheme – God’s People. We wrote about the life of Oscar Romero and thought about how his life is linked with how God wants us to live. We thought about how he inspired the El Salvadorian people and who inspires us.

Year 4 also gave an assembly on the Islam faith, teaching others about Muhammed and the 5 pillars of Islam.

We have been learning another new topic in Maths – Probability. We have been creating and using probability scales and working out probability, using fractions, percentages and decimals.

We planned and wrote letters to the executioner, from Henry VIII, persuading him to behead Anne Boleyn.

Week Beginning July 2nd


This week, we have been testing out our knowledge on maths subjects for this year. We have also been working with emoji pictograms, collecting and recording data and learning how to calculate the Mean, Median, Mode and Range. Can you remember the song?

Everyone also planned a fantasy story, with a hero and a villain, then we created our own success criteria for the class to follow thinking of what we have learnt this year.

For R.E. , we have been learning about God’s people and comparing our lives to Eric form Rwanda and finding out about Oscar Romero.

We enjoyed finding out what has happened to our food after 3 weeks – I wouldn’t recommend eating the banana or the bread! Can you remember which foods lasted longest and why?

Week Beginning June 25th

This week, for our topic, we have been learning about the reign of Mary I and using it to help us write newspaper articles on her life and the coronation of her sister, Elizabeth. Everyone also researched the Tudors, using the internet and texts, to compile a list of differences in food, health, clothes and entertainment – between the poor and rich. Then they compared these to how we live today. The class have also created rich and poor Tudor menus and made information posters about different Tudor monarchs.

We have been enjoying the nice weather and went outside to draw each other, thinking of the details around the person. As sports day is next week, we’ve also been practising with the javelins and the long jump. There have been some impressive throws !

For R.E., we are learning about ‘building bridges’. Forgiving those who hurt us and saying sorry to those who we’ve upset.